3 Ways Vehicle Wraps Help your Business

Wayfinding Signs: Get Your Customers to Your Door
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During the age of social distancing, some people prefer to distance in public and in the workplace and prefer not to venture out too much. That has meant that out-of-home advertising has become less useful simply because fewer people see ads.

Businesses have to find ways to reach customers directly, something commercial vehicle wraps are ideally suited for. According to a study by 3M, vehicle wraps can get as many as 16 million impressions annually! That number will be different for Panama City Beach, of course, but it shows the incredible potential of wraps if used correctly.

Any brick-and-mortar store, professional firm, small business, or service provider can find tremendous commercial and practical value from wraps. Keep reading to find the three best reasons why custom vehicle wraps are a smart investment.

Reach a Local Audience

Wraps are an excellent medium for advertising and promoting your business locally – and that’s where most businesses’ real audience lives. About 85% of a business’s customer base lives within 5 miles of it, say experts. And custom vehicle wraps can be personalized with designs and promotional messaging that targets this market.

As vehicles make delivery runs and service calls, people in the neighborhood will see the wrap repeatedly. Repeat marketing such as this will build confidence and generate leads.

“Free Advertising”

Out-of-home advertising is anything but cheap. Even a modestly sized billboard in Panama City Beach will cost thousands in rent per month; ones in coveted spots can cost thousands per day! Commercial vehicle wraps offer the same advertising potential for virtually no cost at all. A business does not have to pay any recurring fee to advertise on the side of its vans and trucks.

Vehicles can drive through the city’s hotspots and get the same marketing traction a billboard would have – for free. Vinyl wraps themselves are inexpensive to print and require little-to-no special care.

Vehicle protection

Vinyl adds a thin layer of protection over the vehicle’s body and protects it from road debris, stones and gravel. Though wraps on commercial vans and trucks have been used for branding for decades, their incredible properties have only recently been discovered for use on cars.

Delivery trucks face an onslaught of endless road debris. Wraps protect the paintwork from scratches and the body from unsightly dents that accumulate as the vehicle is struck by grit, rubber, and other roadside debris. When it comes time to sell the vehicle, prepare to be amazed at the body’s pristine condition. Our goal is to offer products that provide real value to your business at Blue Ocean Custom Signs. We will not suggest vehicle wraps or signage that you don’t need. Like great business partners, we want to help you raise your bottom lines. Speak to a representative to find out how we minimize downtime for your fleet with intelligent scheduling.