4 Tips to Create a Memorable Monument Sign

4 Tips to Create a Memorable Monument Sign
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Brand perception is one of the pillars of a successful business. It affects how customers engage with your business. There are a lot of factors in building a positive brand perception. It includes your product quality, customer services as well as how you represent your brand through your signs.

68% of consumers believe that your signage is a good measurement of the quality of your products and service. When you need an impressive sign solution, there is no better choice than custom monument signs.

Before doing a search for “monument signs near me,” take a look at these tips that make an effective monument sign.

Clean and Simple Design

Modern monument signs provide marketers with limitless design options. It may be overwhelming because of the variety of designs and materials to choose from.

When designing your sign, remember that too many design elements may overwhelm your audience. A clean and simple design is better received and will be legible from a distance.

Stick to standard fonts when choosing text styles. While scripts may look more fun, they may make it tough for anyone in the distance or on the move to get your message.

Remember Color Contrast

Consider color contrasts when you want to improve visibility and legibility. A well-executed combination of colors is a great way to naturally catch the attention of your audience in Panama City Beach.

Choose colors that complement each other for your background and lettering. A well-balanced color combination is easier to read and doesn’t distract your reader from seeing your sign.

Choose Materials that Work

As an outdoor sign, it is important to choose materials that can withstand inclement weather in your area. Some options that you can look into are:

  • Wood monument signs
  • Brick monument signs
  • Aluminum monument signs
  • HDU monument signs
  • And more

Whatever material you choose, make sure that it is one that works for your business as well as your budget needs.

Include LED Options

Adding lighting options can transform the look and feel of your modern monument sign. LED can light up your sign and get you added visibility even at night.

Also, adding a dynamic LED sign panel lets you put out multiple messages for your business. Display special announcements, deals, hours of operation, and more to attract more customers to your establishment.

Hire the Best Sign Company in Panama City Beach

Choosing to add a custom monument sign will be one of the best investments you can make. Make your investment worthwhile by choosing a sign company that can deliver your exact needs. Blue Ocean Custom Signs is a full-service sign company that can help design, produce, and install high-quality signs for your business. Whether you need wood monument signs, brick monument signs, or more, we guarantee top-notch products delivered with excellent customer service.

Doing a “monument signs near me” search today? Contact us to learn more about monument signs from our experts!