5 Reasons to Invest in a Quality Lobby Sign

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When customers and potential customers arrive at your business, they don’t want to have to wonder if they’re in the right place. Even a moment’s doubt can leave a customer with a poor impression before they even decide to use your business, and that’s something you need to avoid. Custom lobby signs are one way that you can ensure your customers have a clear indication immediately that they’ve found your business.

However, there are more reasons that you’ll want to invest in quality lobby signs for your business:

1. Create a great first impression

When you have clear, beautifully branded lobby signage as soon as customers walk in your door, you’re giving them a great first impression and a positive customer experience. They can see that you are a professional company, with good branding, without even needing to speak to anyone.

Clear, high-quality lobby signs also establish your credibility as a business, with a professional look and feel that adds to that great first impression. With lobby signs, you can also show off any awards and certifications you have to build trust and show your potential customers what an expert you are before they’ve even met you.

2. Boost your brand

Your business branding should be consistent across every part of your business, from your online presence to your marketing materials. You can also extend your brand to your signage with both external signs and internal signage. With signs, such as acrylic lobby signs, backlit lobby signs, and cut vinyl lobby signs, you can boost your brand recognition from the moment customers enter your premises.

3. Share your story

Many businesses use lobby signage to tell the story of their business. If you can show that your business is long-established or provide customers with an interesting story of how it was founded and how it has grown, you can make them feel emotionally attached to your business. Stories really do create an emotional bond with your customers, and lobby signage can add to that.

4. Display important information

You can use lobby signs to provide vital information to customers. You can display information like your opening hours, products, and services, show a menu of your offerings, talk about your latest promotions and offers, and more. Wayfinding signs are also another good use of signage. You can give customers directions, and signpost facilities, and help them to their destination, without them needing to speak to someone.

It’s also vital that you provide emergency information, such as fire information, escape routes, what to do in case of an emergency, and more. Even these signs can be professionally branded to add to your brand recognition.

5. Create a great atmosphere for customers and employees alike

Attractive, high-quality, well-branded signage can invoke positive emotions. The color choice really does have an impact on how people feel and adds to the welcoming impression you can create. With the right design team behind you, you can provide a welcoming, well-presented lobby that feels good from the moment you walk in.

This is great for customers, but it’s also excellent for your employees. Coming to a dull, boring, bland building every day does nothing for employee morale, but a cheerful, professional, welcoming atmosphere can boost morale and even productivity.

Lobby signs really do make a great deal of difference to how your business is perceived.

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