5 Tips to Grab Attention in Your Store with Indoor Business Signs

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Building strong relationships with customers is essential for every business. How you introduce your company and create a favorable first impression can influence how you and your potential customers will interact in the future.

A well-designed sign can make the difference between a business that succeeds and one that goes unnoticed. You can achieve this by installing eye-catching indoor business signs.

Choosing the ideal sign for your brand can be challenging with so many custom signs available in the market. Attractive interior business signs will often entice customers and more accurately convey your business’ brand identity.

When you are looking for expert advice on what custom indoor sign to choose, Blue Ocean Custom Signs is here to assist you! In this article, we compiled 5 tips on how to catch attention using indoor business signs.

  • Utilize Color Contrast
    Utilizing different colors can draw viewers in. Red is the color that draws attention the best. Due to its association with authority, this color is frequently used in marketing and advertising. The color blue represents dependability and skill. Use lighter color combinations with blue to emphasize your brand. Green is a calm and friendly color. If you are planning to install window graphics and are unsure about what color to use for your sign, we suggest consulting color psychology.
  • Use Large Fonts
    Indoor business signs with larger fonts will naturally get more attention in your store both because of their increased legibility and their ability to better display branding elements.
  • Use the Right Sign for the Task
    Signage primarily functions as a tool for marketing and advertising. Your lobby sign must be attention-grabbing since visitors see it as they enter your space. Other signs must attract passing customers, pique their interest, and tempt them inside, like window graphics or custom door signs. Your building sign needs to reassure customers that they are in the right place before they open the door.
  • Keep It Concise and Clear
    Well-crafted custom indoor signs must consider the perspective of those who are far away from the signs. Keep them brief and simple so that your point is clear. Stay away from flowery language and unnecessary slang. Convey a clear, concise message. Less is better.
  • Properly Position Your Signs
    Customers will look in specific locations to find your signage. According to industry standards, signs like directional signage must be placed higher than eye level in the aisle so that customers can see it as they pass by. Remember everyone’s eye level is different, so test the signage positioning yourself to find the most effective height for your potential customers while considering each sign’s intended function.

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