Advantages of Vinyl Wraps

How Vehicle Vinyl Wraps Can Bring in Business?
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One of the biggest challenges for every business is choosing where to invest marketing dollars most effectively. A proven solution that delivers long-term results is the use of vehicle graphics & wraps for your cars, vans, and other vehicles.

A Small Investment with a Big Return

Studies show that dollar-for-dollar, the use of vinyl graphics and lettering generates a higher number of impressions than most other media. When it comes to building your brand, vinyl wraps keep your company brand and message in front of prospects and customers throughout your market.

Whether you choose to use full vehicle wraps or partial ad wraps, you generate ongoing visibility with a one-time, upfront investment. Contrast this with monthly rental fees for a billboard or other monthly marketing spending, and it is easy to understand why the effective use of vehicle wraps is a common strategy of successful businesses.

Our team at Blue Ocean Custom Signs understands how important the right signage strategy is to every business. When you turn to us to discuss your needs, we will first work with you to understand your specific needs and requirements. We will then draw on our extensive experience and industry knowledge to recommend a plan that fits your requirements and budget.

Why We Love Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

You will often find those plans include the use of full or partial vehicle graphics and wraps. Why? Here are just a few of the reasons we think this approach is so effective:


There aren’t many ways to spend your marketing dollars that deliver the long-term results you get with wraps. Instead of a monthly expense, you make a relatively small one-time investment that delivers your brand-building effort for years.


If you use vehicles in your business, they are covering your target market. What better way to keep your name in front of prospects or customers than continually showing up in their mind space with an attractive, non-invasive vehicle wrap?

Standing out from the clutter

Our creative approach to wraps ensures that your message is attention-getting and stands out from your competitors and other advertising clutter. You will catch the eye of your customers and prospects when they are less distracted by other marketing messages.

Flexibility and versatility

We can help you choose the most effective part of your branding to include in each wrap. From your logo to contact information to any other information, a vehicle wrap will deliver exactly the message you desire. Additionally, you can modify and update your wraps as often as you desire for new products, services, promotions, or other purposes.


Aside from communicating your brand, a sharp and attractive vehicle builds your brand. The wrap protects your vehicle while also ensuring it projects a clean and crisp appearance.

Non-invasive messaging

A truly effective aspect of vehicle wraps is the way they avoid the “in-your-face” clutter so many of us encounter. The messaging generates awareness without the resistance that is often generated by aggressive advertising methods.

When it comes to designing and installing the most creative and effective wraps for your vehicles, rely on the experienced team at Blue Ocean Custom Signs. We will help you design the ideal wraps as part of your overall signage strategy.