Architectural Signage

Does your organization or business have multiple buildings that need to be identified for visitors? Does your government facility or public setting need signage? Or do you need signs for the campus of a large university to help students find their classes? All these scenarios require the installation of architectural signs.


What are Architectural Signs?

Architectural signs can be made of any material, but are used to identify commercial buildings, university buildings, public parks, art installations, large commercial campus buildings, and any other location that needs building identification to make them easier to find. These signs are designed to integrate with the architecture and design of your building.

Architectural signage is usually found anywhere there are multiple buildings or installations that people visit but may be hard to identify. A good example is a major metropolitan hospital that has several buildings for different medical departments and offices. Architectural signs guide patients and other visitors to the place they need to go for their appointment. This can include not only buildings but also proper parking areas for various buildings.

Commercial Buildings Signs

Many large corporations sit on a campus with several buildings. If you are visiting the CEO, you need to know which building they are in, and where that building is located on the campus. Signage on and in front of buildings can help you find that out.

Signage is sometimes needed on pathways between buildings to keep people moving in the right direction on larger campuses.

ADA Compliant Signage in Panama City Beach

Many commercial or public campuses require specific ADA-compliant signage. If you need ADA-compliant signage, contacting an ADA compliance signage expert will help you stay compliant. In Panama City Beach, FL, that expert is Blue Ocean Custom Signs.

Blue Ocean Custom Signs, serving Panama City Beach and the Florida Panhandle, has experience in creating, manufacturing, and installing ADA-compliant signs for any size building or campus. They are familiar with ADA rules and regulations so that your signage is and stays ADA compliant.

Architectural Signage: Dimensional Letters or Numbers

Using dimensional letters or numbers for architectural signage is very effective, which is why it is common on most large campuses. Channel letters stand out well from buildings and other outdoor installations and can be made in metal to reflect the sun. Those qualities make metallic dimensional letters a good choice for custom architectural signage. However, if your building gets used often at night, the channel letters need to be either backlit or illuminated to be seen.

Panama City Beach, FL Custom Architectural Signage

There are several reasons to pair interior directories and wayfinding signage. It helps people find signage when they know what the signs should look like. If your interior directories match the style and appearance of your architectural signs, visitors become comfortable and learn to expect that design.

Matching interior and architectural sign styles combines them into a contiguous directional sign grouping to follow. It makes the signage look “official” and orderly. This technique is used often. Custom architectural signage can be ordered in the specific style and material you need to match previously installed signs. To find out more about how Blue Ocean Custom Signs can match your current architectural signage near Panama City Beach, FL, contact us.