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If you plan to invest in lightweight yet durable signage, you might want to consider professionally-made and installed banner signs.

Banners are flexible, versatile, easy-to-display, and eye-catching business signs. They work in both indoor and outdoor settings. With these, you can showcase full-color images and graphics, as well as crisp texts, making them perfect for grabbing the attention of your target audience.

Blue Ocean Custom Signs produces top-of-the-line banners. Many entrepreneurs in Panama City Beach choose us as their go-to sign company because of our level of craftsmanship and dedication to each signage project. We take pride in having exceptional customer service that is superior to our competitors. As a responsible Panama City Beach sign company, we also make sure to include eco-friendly alternatives whenever possible.

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Customized Promotional Banners for Businesses

Despite being in a digital age, banners still provide several benefits to businesses.

Best Banners in Panama City Beach, FL

Banner Installation and Support Structure

Signage installation is as crucial as the design and fabrication stages because it plays a significant role in your banners’ effectiveness. Blue Ocean Custom Signs ensures that your commercial banner signs are in the right spot for your target audience to see. Depending on where your signage is, we may need external structures such as banner stands or built-in hanging mechanisms like grommets. Sometimes, we might even need both.

But worry not because our seasoned signage experts will evaluate your available space and talk through your banners’ intended use. This way, we plan out any structural modifications needed. 

Full-service Sign Company in Panama City Beach

Blue Ocean Custom Signs offers a complete range of signage solutions including:

We utilize state-of-the-art tools and machinery to consistently offer the most vivid and most durable banner signs on the market. We also incorporate innovative methods to ensure that all tasks are completed efficiently.

Blue Ocean Custom Signs also takes pride in having some of the best graphic artists in Panama City Beach. They produce unique and impactful designs by incorporating your vision, branding requirements, other strategic design elements such as size and font. Your signs will stand out from competitors and deliver the right messages to your target market with their help.

Free Consultation from Banner Experts

Searching for banners “near me” in Panama City Beach, FL? Whether you need a simple banner or an elaborate, large format banner, Blue Ocean Custom Signs is here to help. We can produce top-notch event banners, trade show banners, indoor banners, and outdoor banners. 

We are looking forward to helping your business succeed through our signage solutions! Dial 850-238-8612 today to claim your free signage consultation.

frequently asked questions

Banners are a type of temporary or semi-permanent signage used in Panama City Beach, FL. From holiday messaging to sales advertisements, banners attract attention to strengthen your brand or highlight your message. Best of all, they are just as effective indoors as outdoors and make it possible to advertise without permanently impacting your surroundings.

Blue Ocean Custom Signs designs, manufactures, and installs many types of banners, which can be classified by style or material. Typically, there are three types of materials used for banners: mesh, vinyl, or fabric. Some styles include bordered banners used to draw attention to an event or business, pop banners you can use at tradeshows and other events, and step and repeat banners used as a background.

For best results, hang the banner at eye level or higher. You can use almost anything to anchor the banner, as long as it displays symmetrically. From fences to polls to ceilings, there are many ways to anchor your banners, making them incredibly versatile marketing tools. Banners sometimes come with grommets or pole holes, but you can design customized banners to meet your needs.

A banner type represents the style and material used to create your banner. Typically, banners include logos, messages, or slogans. They represent an organization, company, or other entity. Unlike traditional signs, banners are not rigid. This makes them a go-to for organizations attending conferences, trade shows, and outdoor events.

Choose from retractable, telescopic, and spring back banner stands. For retractable stands, the banner lies at the base of the stand, making it easy to set up and break down. Telescopic banner stands frame the banner, creating tension and preventing wrinkles, enhancing the look and stability of the signage. Finally, spring back banner stands use a tripod structure to support the banner.

Adhesive wall hooks, masonry nails, and hard wall hangers are great ways to attach a banner to a concrete or brick building. All three methods provide unique options. The experts at Blue Ocean Custom Signs can help you choose the right method for your building.

To a large extent, that will depend on the type of banner sign you want to display. Common fasteners for wall banners include the following:

  • Bungee Cords
  • Zip Ties
  • Screws
  • Velcro
  • Hooks
  • Nylon Rope
  • Hanging Clips

Work with our team of experienced designers to choose the right material, style, and message for your outdoor banner. Typically, we recommend vinyl banners because they are the most durable for outdoor displays.

Banners can drive foot and vehicle traffic to your business. If you want to advertise a grand opening, big sale, or new product line, use banners to increase brand awareness and product sales.

Retractable banners retract easily into an aluminum base or stand. This makes them extremely portable. Therefore, they are popular for conferences, events, and trade shows.

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