Floor Signage for Retail: Boosting Sales and Customer Engagement

Floor Signage For Retail Boosting Sales And Customer Engagement
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An overlooked and underutilized advertising tool is retail floor graphics.

You may be wondering “Why is it so?” Often people opt to install signs in more traditional places while planning an in-store signage campaign. However, more traditional doesn’t always mean more effective!

The truth is, floor graphics are a fantastic place to advertise products because people walking over them tend to look down anyways. This means attention can easily be captured and guided to your businesse nearby.

With new vinyl materials, including laminate layers that prevent scuffing and are easy to wash, maintaining your floor graphics has never been so easy. This ensures they are visually pleasing and reflect well on the business they are advertising for.

In this blog, we will outline the many uses of floor graphics, in the hopes of identifying one that fits perfectly for your business goals or needs.

Exploring How to Use Retail Floor Graphics

Blue Ocean Custom Signs has partnered with many businesses in Panama City Beach, FL, so we understand how our comprehensive range of signage can be used for different industries. Common uses of floor graphics, specifically for a retail setting, are:

  • Enhancing Product Awareness
    Is there a specific product you want customers to become more aware of? Are you hoping to enhance the sales of a particular service?
    Enhancing awareness is the perfect way of achieving these goals, and retail floor graphics are a proven, effective technique of doing so. As customers pass by your shelves they can easily miss a key product or service offering that would’ve otherwise caught their eye. Whether they are looking down at their phone or moving past someone, these moments present a window of opportunity for floor graphics. Instead of missing a key product, these graphics can prompt customers to look up and at the product right beside them.Enhancing product awareness is even more effective at the point of purchase. People know they have to act fast, as they may be called to check out next, so emphasizing a product located beside the register with colorful floor graphics can help to increase impulse buys.
  • Improving Wayfinding
    Having a retail store that is easy to navigate leads to increased customer satisfaction. Often people are in a hurry and want to get in and out of a retail store quickly. Floor graphics can give them proper directions, which will make their in-store experience more effcient and enjoyable, making them more likely to return.
    Wayfinding is also extremely important in case of emergencies. Any business that wants to foster a safe environment should invest in a directional signage system in their store. It will not only alleviate stress and increase efficiency but also minimize panic in situations where people need to find a safe exit route. Remember to include ADA directional signage as part of your in-store wayfinding system, ensuring anyone can find their way out, regardless of any disabilities or impairments.
  • Interacting with Customers
    Retail floor graphics can improve the engagement your business has with customers. From games for children to instigating conversations with staff members by asking insightful questions, the customization of these graphics allow for unique interactions.
    For example, installing graphics in the shape of footprints, which lead to a product or snack, may introduce a child to a new product that they want to try. It will also put a smile of their face! You can even put quiz questions on one graphic, with the answer on another one up ahead, to encourage continued engagement.
    Floor graphics are also a great place to put QR codes, which link to your social media accounts or website. While customers wait in line, they will have ample time to browse these linked resources and become a part of your business’s community.
  • Celebrate Holidays
    Around the holidays, shopping experiences become a family experience that leads to holiday joy. People love taking advantage of seasonal sales and taking in the festivities the city has to offer. Consider using retail floor graphics to show customers that your business is ready to celebrate the holiday too. This will transform your business into a fun environment that the entire family enjoys.
  • Provide Warnings
    Make your business a safe place for your customers and employees alike. If there are areas in your store that put people at risk of slips or trips, give them a warning with a vibrant, communicative floor graphic. You can even guide people away from rooms that are staff only or tell them to watch their step when using stairs or escalators. Simple additions like these go a long way in creating a connection with your customers.
  • Enforce Branding
    You may have the product on the market, but without recognizable branding, your business will struggle to grow. Enforcing your branding is the perfect way to connect with new and existing customers, and the floor of your store is a great place to do this.
    For example, if you have a slogan, logo, or mascot, retail floor graphics are an excellent place to showcase these distinctive brand elements. Advertise the mascot using your products with funny speech bubbles or incorporate your slogan into witty phrases; each of these interactions will leave an impression on your customers, making your brand more familiar and trustworthy.
    We have only covered the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creative ways to use floor graphics to set your retail business up for success. If you’re ready to use one of these ideas, or want to keep brainstorming with our team, give us a call today. We’re excited to get started!

Create a Vibrant Environment in Your Store with Retail Floor Graphics

Vinyl graphics from Blue Ocean Custom Signs can make any business more engaging and fun. Our sign specialists will work closely with you to find creative ways to add your brand and personality to your retail store with vinyl graphics. Let’s work together to create an enticing environment with new signage.

Call us to book your consultation and discover how you can improve customer engagement with your own retail floor graphics.