Custom Exterior & interior building signs for Businesses

Is your business looking for effective ways to introduce your business to your target customers? Whichever industry you belong to, customers must know who you are. What’s even more important is for your business to be easy to find.

Give your building a name and be more visible in Panama City today! Invest in eye-catching custom exterior & Interior Building Signs that set you apart from the competition.

Quality Commercial Building Signage in Panama City

Here’s what high-quality exterior & Interior Building Signs can do for you:

These signs are a key element to your success. For this reason, you must choose a sign company that can supply durable and effective signs worthy of your investment.

Blue Ocean Custom Signs specializes in producing top-quality building signs for businesses in various industries. We take pride in having a team of seasoned signage experts. What sets us apart from other Panama City sign companies is the amount of work and passion we dedicate to each sign project.

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Exterior & Interior Custom Building Signs for Businesses

Here at Blue Ocean Custom Signs, we understand the importance of custom-made signs that suit your:

Our sign experts will research and study your brand, competitors, and target audience. They will also conduct on-site assessments to:

Building Sign of Barbican center in Panama City Beach, FL

Types Of Exterior & interior building signs We Provide In Panama City, FL

Blue Ocean Custom Signs offers a wide array of interior and exterior business signs. Working with us means that you get customized signs specially designed and made just for your brand.

Channel Letters and Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters and channel letters are some of the most popular business signs. This is due to their three-dimensional design, attractiveness, durability, and customization options. Both use individually cut letters, characters, and graphics installed on a surface.

These signs can also be illuminated. Here are the available lighting options:

Whichever signage you prefer, Blue Ocean Custom Signs is here to help! We will guide you on tricky sign elements to make your storefront more appealing to the public.

Outdoor Lighted Building Signs

Does your business operate during the night? Or do you want to take advantage of round-the-clock advertising? Investing in illuminated signs is the way to go.

Lighted business signs improve your visibility. Since humans are naturally attracted to light, your signs will be unmistakable anywhere. These are popular for businesses like:

In the past, neon signs were a popular choice. However, more entrepreneurs are now shifting to LED signs. This is because they consume less energy while producing a brighter light. They also have a lower upfront cost. This makes LED signs a cost-efficient and eco-friendly alternative to neon.

Projecting Signs, Hanging Signs, And Blade Signs

Are you looking for signs that look slightly different and unique? You might want to check out hanging signs, otherwise known as blade or projecting signs.

These building-mounted signs are installed perpendicular to your building instead of on a flat surface. Hanging signs are usually made from hardwearing materials like metal, wood, and high-density urethane foam. These are often combined with other building signs to be more effective.

Canopies and Awnings

Canopies and awnings are multi-use custom outdoor business signs. They promote your brand while protecting your customers and clients from harsh weather conditions.

Since awning signs and canopies beautifully decorate your storefront, people are naturally drawn to their charm. You are instilling your brand in the minds of those who are walking and driving past your establishment.

While both have similar purposes, they have a few differences. Awnings are permanent fixtures that are installed directly on top of windows or doors.

In contrast, canopies are large stand-alone structures that can be disassembled, stored, and reused for another time. They are ideal for a business that attends trade shows regularly or hosts outdoor events.

Interior Building Signs

Interior building signs help with the overall business operation. These make any business or building more organized and run more smoothly. Here are some examples:

Different Ways to Use Building Signs and Letters

Signs for your buildings are usually there to enhance your visibility. However, they can also be used in more specific ways.

Free Building Signage Consultation in Panama City

Blue Ocean Custom Signs is ready and fully equipped to supply all your exterior & Interior Building Signs needs. We have the right expertise and experience to meet or even exceed your expectations.

Need a single hanging sign to display your brand name? Or a large-format outdoor wall mural to make your building more appealing? Our Panama City team can do it all!

We look forward to helping your business flourish with the help of our building signs. Reach out to us now to claim your free building sign consultation with one of our experts.

frequently asked questions

Outdoor building signs are manufactured from heavy-duty materials such as Dura-wood, vinyl, plastic, and metal. 

Our signage specialists here at Blue Ocean Custom Signs can give you a better idea of how much you will be spending on the entire signage project. Reach out to our team to learn more.

Yes, the local government here at Panama City Beach in Florida issues permits for the fabrication and installation of outdoor building signage.

We highly recommend Dibond, Dura-wood, aluminum, and vinyl banners for your exterior commercial signs. 

Their average lifespan is three to five years with proper maintenance. However, if you invest in aluminum signage, they can last even longer because of their rust and dust-resistant qualities.