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Are you looking for a unique, effective, and affordable way to advertise your company in Panama City Beach?

Get the most out of your company-owned cars when you convert them into mobile billboards through car wraps. Car wraps and decals successfully expand your ad reach without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on each impression.

By performing your daily tasks, such as transporting goods and going to the office, you’re already gaining attention from the public and advertising your products and services. Simply parking in a public area will enable you to reach hundreds of impressions each day easily.

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Commercial Car Wraps to Boost Your Brand Visibility

Wherever your establishment might be, car wraps can introduce your brand to a broader range of people. Other modes of advertisement can reach the same audience but require you to cash out on preferred air times or whenever someone views it. Although it’s a common practice for entrepreneurs and marketers to focus on online marketing tactics, fleet wraps are still useful in promoting brands, products, and services.

With strategically designed and installed car wraps, you can promote new product launches, best sellers, unique services, upcoming events, seasonal discounts, among others. The Blue Ocean Custom Signs team will help you choose the best design elements, such as colors and texts, to promote your brand to the public successfully.

Car wrap & installation for WCSO in Panama City Beach, FL 

Vinyl Car Wraps

Beyond promoting specific products, services, and events, car wraps also add a personalized touch to vehicles. This way, people will know that a vehicle is associated with and owned by the company. This is especially useful for delivery companies or businesses that conduct their services in residential spaces as plumbing and electrical repair companies.

With vinyl car wraps, your clients will have more trust and confidence in your personnel because they will feel that the company is legitimate and professional. By improving your customers’ perceived trust, they will be more likely to leave your company a five-star review.

Commercial Wraps that Offer Protection

Full fleet wraps are the most effective and impactful type of vehicle advertising. With these, the entire exterior of the car is covered with a premium-grade wrap. Aside from its captivating appearance, full car wraps also offer additional protection to the vehicle’s original paint job. Thus, when the time comes that you want to sell, you can ask for a higher price and easily convert it back to a regular car without spending on repaints.

However, if you don’t have the budget for full wraps, there are other options:

These don’t provide extra protection on your paint job, but they are equally effective when it comes to promoting your brand and personalizing your car.

Complete Auto Wrap Manufacturer

Blue Ocean Custom Signs is a full-service signage company in Panama City Beach specializing in complete auto wraps. Meaning, we will take care of every step of the signage process, from professional consultation down to installation. We even offer repair and maintenance services to extend the life span of your wraps.

We understand that vehicle advertisements need to be clear, concise, and straight-to-the-point because people usually see them while the car is moving. This is why we always make sure that your wrap or decal design is not just attention-grabbing but easy to comprehend as well by highlighting the essential details you want to convey.

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

Investing in vehicle advertising is a big deal. Whether you have a fixed plan you want us to follow or you have no clue where to start, our professional signage consultants will help you choose:

Blue Ocean Custom Signs is the sign company in Panama City Beach,FL that you can trust.

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