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Does your company’s lobby reflect the mission and unique personality of your business? Would you like your clients to be impressed when they enter your meeting rooms? Or do you want to convey a sense of calm for your visitors while they wait for their appointments? Any of these goals can be accomplished with custom design wall coverings.

Custom wall coverings can help you cover up imperfections, advertise your brand, and bring life to your walls. They can be customized, abstract, or you can keep them simple and tasteful with a mural that reflects something from your business. And when they are produced by a company that has experienced graphics designers on staff, that can bring your imagination to life, the possibilities are endless.

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Custom Wallcovering & Mural Printing Services

If your Panama City Beach, FL business is looking for custom vinyl wall covering or another type of wall covering for your lobby, conference rooms, executive offices, or any other public rooms, you should consider adding locally designed custom wall coverings. A custom wall covering can be added to any wall surface without damaging the paint already on the wall. When a commercial wallcovering is installed and removed by a professional, it is clean and safe for your wall.

Custom business wall graphics are another option if you do not want to completely cover your wall. We use the same quality vinyl and have seen firsthand the improvement of many businesses in Panama City Beach, FL, once they’ve decorated their walls.


Custom Mural Wall Coverings

Adding a personalized wall mural to your lobby gives you an opportunity to make a good impression on your guests when they first come inside. You can have Blue Ocean Custom Signs design a sign from your ideas and drawings or your collaboration with their professional sign makers.

A mural can be designed as an accent wall with artistic imagery, a company logo, your products in use, or just an abstract design to improve visitors’ experiences when they come inside your office. Another option is to use the same material to post a quote, your company motto, or your founder’s vision on interior wall spaces.

What Are Commercial Wall Covering Ideas in Panama City Beach, FL?

Blue Ocean Custom Signs can help you design your personalized sign, or they can show you work they’ve done for other companies to give you an idea of what you can create. Custom-designed wallpaper in your commercial building can adhere to a wall surface without damaging the paint. Having it professionally installed and/or removed will ensure your wall is undamaged.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you own, or what industry you’re in, several types of wall-covering ideas will work for you. You can look at what your competitors are doing in their business and—with the help of our designers—improve on that. Or you can try something completely original and unique. However you want your custom vinyl wall covering done, your wish is our command, and customer satisfaction is number one in our books.

Types of Wall Covering Ideas

Some of the options for designing vinyl wall coverings for your business include:

  • Lobby signage or mural
  • Accent wall mural
  • Core values or mission statement
  • Images of completed work
  • Directional signage
  • Abstract flourish to add interest and depth to a wall
  • Company history
  • Company awards
  • Your logo by itself or made into a wallpaper pattern
  • An homage to your company’s founder
  • A temporary promotion to market your brand
  • Unique branding in your company colors
  • And so much more.

These are ideas you can implement into almost any business. Why not try a word cloud mural of motivational quotes or your company’s core values and mission statement as an office vinyl wall covering? It will encourage your employees to be orderly with their work and impress visitors. No one wants to work in a boring or drab environment: bring your walls to life and install company pride.

Retail businesses and restaurants can improve their atmosphere with custom vinyl wall coverings and custom wall graphics. Imagine how beautiful a wall mural that reflects the culture of the food you serve will look in your restaurant. Or think about how impressive you can make your store look by branding with fun designs all over the place, while advertising your products and sales at the same time. It’s all possible when you have a custom wall covering or vinyl wall graphics.

The Installation Process

One thing we can guarantee is quality. We do the job quickly and efficiently, with a focus on ensuring your custom design wall coverings are installed properly so they do not peel, and the final product looks smooth. We recommend all our clients let us handle the installation, that way we can make sure the process is done correctly. We do this all the time, and can be out of your hair in no time.

Finding a Professional Custom Vinyl Wall Covering Designer

Finding a professional sign maker that designs and installs custom vinyl wall coverings in Panama City Beach can be tricky as you navigate all the businesses in the area, trying to find one you can count on, not knowing if they can keep their promises. We want to alleviate that stress and show you before and after photos of successful projects we have completed so you can have faith in us.

Blue Ocean Custom Signs, a woman-owned business located in Panama City Beach and serving the Florida Panhandle and surrounding communities, will work to create a personalized wall mural that reflects your business.

If you are interested in finding out whether a vinyl wall covering will add needed branding to your lobby design and are looking for wall coverings near you, give us a call. We have helped many businesses in Panama City Beach, FL, and are excited to help you!

To find out more about our products and services, and to get a free quote, contact us, and discover how a custom wall covering can bring your business to life!

frequently asked questions

We offer several types of wall coverings. These options are made of vinyl and include lobby signage, wall murals, wall graphics, accent wall murals, core values/mission statements, images of completed work, directional signage, and more.

Wall coverings are design elements used to cover and decorate an interior wall or surface. Each type of wall covering is a custom manufactured product that comes in a wide range of sizes and colors.

Vinyl wall murals or wall decals are the most common wall coverings for an office. We can help you create a custom core values or award wall to celebrate your business, or we can help you design a wall mural or graphics for your restaurant or retail location. Our experts are available for a consultation at 850-238-8612.

There are several options to choose from when it comes to wall coverings and we produce everything custom to your specifications. Contact us at 850-238-8612 to tell us about your sign project and we will help you with ideas that will fit your budget.

When it comes to durability, most vinyl wall covering can last for years. Most vinyl wall coverings can retain their original beauty and performance characteristics for 5-8 years, depending on the conditions and exposure to sunlight or the elements.

A wall mural is a type of wall covering created using high-end printers and digital prints. They are made with high-quality photographs, illustrations, and other materials that can be customized to fit the exact dimensions of the room or custom made to your specifications.

An accent wallpaper mural is a wall that is treated as a focal point in a room. It is an excellent way to break up a large room or to add some interest to an otherwise flat space.

You do not need to look anywhere else – Blue Ocean Custom Signs is here to help you! We can help you create a personalized wall mural that positively reflects your business. We provide quality sign products and services to the Panama City Beach and Panama City Beach area. Contact us at 850-238-8612 for a free quote.