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If you’re looking for storefront signage that will help your company stand out from competitors, invest in high-quality dimensional letter signs. These signs are cut and molded from a sheet of material such as aluminum or acrylic, then applied directly on a wall or mount. These create a three-dimensional effect, making them ideal for companies who prefer sleek signs and don’t want the bold look of channel letters and are known as 3 dimensional signs.

Blue Ocean Custom Signs specializes in manufacturing and installing some of the best dimensional letters in Panama City. We pride ourselves on being the go-to signage company within and nearby Panama City. We are a team of seasoned specialists with years of collective experience that gives us the confidence to tackle whatever project you need. 

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Captivating Store Signage

Having the right storefront signs is crucial because they act as your brand’s public face. When designing your dimensional letters, we always take the time to choose the right size, thickness, placement, and layout. This process enables us to produce dimensional storefront signs that successfully represent your branding strategy.

Another benefit of having dimensional letter storefront signs is that it makes your business easy to locate and hard to ignore. You want your business to become a familiar name that everyone knows in your area. One way to achieve this is by having building signage that demands attention and piques your target market’s interest.

With dimensional letters that are expertly designed and installed, you can be confident that neighboring competitors won’t outshine your establishment. When your store, shop, or facility becomes a familiar landmark, people will also perceive that the brand is legitimate and reliable. This is because people love familiarity. With brands, they tend to stick to companies they are more familiar with.

Apart from storefront signage, dimensional letters work with monument signs and pole signs as well. These transform your other outdoor business signs and make them appear sleeker and more robust.

Engaging Indoor Lettering Signs

Dimensional letters work fantastic in your interior, as reception signs to welcome guests and customers and reinforce your brand or in select areas of your establishment, such as your customer service lounge and conference rooms. Having several of these in your establishment creates a more professional and business-focused atmosphere, making them ideal for offices. Some companies even get creative and utilize dimensional letters as wayfinding signs. These are hard to miss, making them perfect for assisting guests and clients in locating unfamiliar spots in your establishment.

24/7 Advertising

Do you want to maximize the use of your dimensional letters? Have them illuminated so that your audience can see them at night or during harsh weather conditions. Although these cannot be illuminated from the inside like channel letters, we can use backlights and other specialty lighting instead. Depending on the type of lighting, your signage can appear more elegant or more fun. Confused as to what would work best for your business needs and branding requirements? Blue Ocean Custom Signs will work closely with you to ensure that you put your money in the right places.

3D Letter Materials

Here at Blue Ocean Custom Signs, we make sure that your dimensional signs complement your branding requirements and available space. One way to do this is by using appropriate materials and design elements. If you prefer durable materials intended to withstand the outside elements, plastic is the way to go. These are also highly customizable and affordable. Plastic comes in several forms, namely, acrylic, vinyl, coroplast, and PVC. Our Panama City team can help you choose all of those and other necessary upgrades, such as illumination types and mounting options. Plastic, light foam, wood, and metal are some of the most common materials we use.

Full-service Sign Company in Panama City

Blue Ocean Custom Signs is your one-stop-shop for all your signage needs. Whether you’re planning to invest in a single-dimensional letter sign or an entire system, Blue Ocean Custom Signs is ready to accommodate your demands. 

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Common Sign Types

While we can custom make just about any sign you need,
here’s a list of some of the most common signs that support business success: