Everything You Need to Know about Dimensional Letter Signs

Bally's Dimensional Letter Signs in Panama City Beach
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3D Lettering & Dimensional signs are some of the most effective signs in use today. They’re often used for 3D storefront signage on exterior walls or as signage at the front of a store in a mall. Dimensional letters stand out from a wall because they are three-dimensional, and they cast a shadow in most lighting. Additionally, the surface of the letters is usually a bright color, or metallic. Using 3D dimensional letters is one of the best ways to attract attention to your brand.

To Light or Not to Light

3D lettering signage shows up well in bright colors or shiny metallic styles, but you can also use lighting to make them stand out even more. One option is to make the 3D letter signs using LED lighting. With this option, you can light up your sign when it’s dark outside.

The second option is to create backlighting underneath or behind the lettering to make the angles of the letters show up better during the day or at night. You can also have spotlights shine on the dimensional letters if that is the style of lighting you prefer.

3D Lettering & Dimensional Signs on Location

Dimensional letters show up well on a storefront whether you have an independent standalone building or if you’re part of a bank of stores in a strip mall. They are ideal for drawing attention to your business and helping new customers find your shop.

You can also use 3D letters inside your shop or restaurant on an accent wall, behind your register area, or over a display case to catch the attention of visitors. 3D lettering is best for marketing your brand.

3D Dimensional Letters as Building Signs

While dimensional letters are used frequently as storefront signs, another excellent use of 3D lettering is for a building sign. This includes signage on a commercial building, apartment building, or even a monument sign. When working with our dimensional lettering experts to design your signage, you can see the different uses and styles of dimensional lettering.

Dimensional letters can look sophisticated and classy, or they can be colorful and trendy. Once you’ve agreed upon a design, Blue Ocean Custom Signs will manufacture your signage. Then, once the 3D lettering is ready to be installed, our professional sign installers will come to your location and make sure your sign is installed and ready to go. Every sign is personalized for each client to market their brand and advertise their business.

Dimensional Signs for Directions

Another usage of 3D lettering signage is for wayfinding or helping someone find the office or building they’re looking for. This is especially effective for large apartment buildings or office buildings. It can be confusing to figure out which direction to go in to find the room you need when all the rooms look the same. Adding a smaller sign on the wall with directions in 3D letters can help visitors immensely. Contact us for more information or to get a quote.