Exterior Business Signs Make Your Brand Unforgettable

Exterior Business Signs Make Your Brand Unforgettable
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Virtually all main street stores face the same challenge: how to be memorable. For hospitality establishments like cafes and restaurants, that is not nearly as much of a problem because customers interact for much more extended periods. The experience endures in their memory. However, for all retail stores, the customer-business interaction is not long enough to build recall.

Many businesses in Panama City Beach, FL are facing this as customers have less loyalty and shop in many regions or cities.  As customers have moved away from shopping locally, the brand recall has eroded tremendously. And while social media can help recapture some of that, the Internet is endlessly large, and it isn’t easy to gain traction.

Exciting outdoor signs have long been a critical differentiator and means of attracting attention on the main street. Now their value is greater than ever. Keep reading to find out how by investing in custom outdoor signs, you can convert your business into a brand, make your business a local landmark, showcase promotions, and drive engagement.

Use Outdoor Signs to Make Your Panama City Beach, FL Business Memorable

From drawing attention to projecting the brand, exterior business signs are great remarketing tools.

  1. Draw eyeballs

Attractive signage stands out because it is quite rare: too many businesses opt for standard form signage that makes them blend into their surroundings. Creatively designed signs will draw the attention of passers-by. The trick isn’t just in the sign’s design but how it’s installed too; signs like blade signs are far more visible from the sidewalk than storefront signs.

  • Incite curiosity

Signs like storefront window signs, A-board signs, and banners are great at instilling curiosity. Given their more location-based, they advertise more intimately and share information effectively. They are also considered ‘temporary’ signage, and by association, people expect them to highlight promotions and discounts.

  • Claim the location

Three-dimensional letters and channel letters are excellent for ‘staking a claim.’ They project outwards and create an imposing sense of space. Others, such as awning and canopy signs, achieve the same thing. Even portable signs like A-boards seem to expand your store’s boundaries. If you can dominate the space around your store, people are far more likely to notice you.

  • Advertise

Especially with the summer vacation season just around the corner, exterior signage’s full advertising potential will come to the forefront. Use sales, new product launches, and deals to drive people into the store. Hanging signs like banners are great because they offer a large space on which to advertise.

What type of outdoor signs should you get?

Here are some exterior business signs you can add to your business. Different signs have their unique strengths and installation requirements. Speak to a representative at Blue Ocean Custom Signs to discuss your custom outdoor sign requirements.

  • Channel letters
  • Hanging signs
  • Wall signs
  • Blade signs
  • Awning/Canopy signs
  • Building signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Monument signs

Don’t see the sign you are looking for? We build all types of custom outdoor signs. Whatever you need, we can create.