Fleet Graphics: Why You Need Them to Attract Customers

Fleet Graphics: Why You Need Them to Attract Customers
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Since the COVID-19 pandemic went global, small and mid-sized businesses have turned increasingly to fleet wraps for advertising. From retail stores on the main street to commercial businesses in office parks to self-employed service providers, Panama City Beach business owners have found wraps to be a great alternative to billboard advertising.

Fleet graphics are helping businesses retain brand awareness, find new customers and save on exorbitant advertising fees. According to a 3M study, fleet graphics offer the best cost-per-thousand-impressions, at $0.48 per 1000 impressions! With returns like that, no wonder businesses are turning to vinyl wraps.

Why do you need wraps to attract customers?

As a full-service fleet graphics company, we have seen businesses use wraps in a variety of ways. Keep reading to find out why so many businesses are turning to truck graphics to recapture attention.

  1. Customers are not venturing out as much

Retail shopping and dining has taken the biggest hit since COVID-19 and has meant fewer people are making trips outdoors. Since people are not spending as much time browsing, they are less likely to discover new stores. Instead, businesses have turned to fleet wraps to reach customers directly and kickstart the ‘discovery’ process.

Seeing a branded truck has a real, positive impact on the confidence a customer has in a brand – unlike an intangible digital ad.

  1. Billboards are not as effective as they used to be

Though the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) does put a brave face on things, the fact remains people are spending less time outdoors. Only about 50 percent of people are interested in going to retail shops, to bars and restaurants, and to public parks, which has made outdoor advertising less effective. Instead, truck wraps turn your vehicles into mobile billboards, taking your advertising directly to your target audience every time you make a delivery or house call.

  1. Potential to generate millions of impressions

Banner ads, billboards, and other static advertising are generating fewer impressions than ever. The OAAA reports that only about 23 percent of people notice new promotions on outdoor ads today. Contrast that to the potential of a single truck wrap. According to 3M, one single truck wrap has the potential to generate 16 million impressions every year!

  1. Impactful local advertising

Commercial vehicles are excellent local advertising tools, allowing a business to build recall value with a targeted audience. As such, a business can display meaningful and contextual ads on its trucks. These are more likely to resonate positively with potential customers, unlike generic promotions on billboards.

According to some estimates, nearly 85 percent of a business’s customer base is located within five miles of it.

The Best Fleet Graphics company in Panama City Beach

Blue Ocean Custom Signs works with businesses across Northwest Florida for customized vinyl graphics for their fleet. As a full-service fleet graphics company, we design, print, install and maintain wraps in-house. Speak to a representative today and get trucks that actually convert.