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Establish a strong presence in your city or town and expand your ad reach with the help of fleet wraps and graphics. This innovative and efficient form of advertising transforms your company-owned cars or other vehicles into mobile billboards. Here at Blue Ocean Custom Signs, we provide attention-grabbing, impactful, memorable, attractive, hardwearing commercial fleet wraps and graphics.

We are a fleet graphics company committed to delivering excellent products for your business. Learn more about our exceptional signage services by calling 850-238-8612 today! 

Commercial Wraps for All Vehicle Types

Beyond cars, Blue Ocean Custom Signs also wraps other types of vehicles, including:


We offer custom fleet wraps for companies who want to boost their branding and sales. Our talented designers and installers make sure that each wrap perfectly fits and compliments your vehicle’s details. With the right message and placement, you can successfully increase your brand visibility, promote your products and services, and convert leads.

Here at Blue Ocean Custom Signs, we offer several vinyl wrap options for you to choose from: 

Whether you need a single decal or a full set of complete wraps for all your vehicles, Blue Ocean Custom Signs is a fleet graphics company that is here to help! 

Personalized Fleet Wraps and Graphics

Custom-made fleet wraps are crucial if you want to effectively get your message across, portray professionalism and dependability, and showcase your latest product launches and other promotions. We ensure that your fleet wraps, lettering, and graphics complement each other and are cohesive with your branding strategy. This way, your target audience will not be confused with your identity and image, and they can have more confidence in your brand and what you can offer to them.

Here are a few design tips to consider when working with your fleet graphics company of choice: 

Benefits of Fleet Wraps in Panama City Beach

If you are looking for smart marketing investments, fleet wraps are a great choice. This makes use of an already existing resource to promote your business. It also provides you with several benefits listed below: 

Free Fleet Wraps Consultation

Converting your vehicles is not an easy task. From intricately crafting the design to seamlessly applying it to your vehicles, our Panama City Beach team makes it all worthwhile. What sets us apart and makes us the best sign company in Panama City Beach is our dedication to the project and the client.

We are your one-stop-shop for all your signage needs. We always aim to exceed your expectations and to deliver your signage according to schedule.

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frequently asked questions

Fleet graphics are digitally printed vinyl wraps installed on all the service vehicles of a business. The wraps have text and graphics printed on them and are made to stand out to other drivers so that they can learn more about the goods and services offered by your business.

As wraps serve as a second skin for your vehicles, they are made with weather-resistant vinyl adhesives making them highly durable. To learn more about this, contact us today at 850-238-8612.

Fleet wraps are an efficient way to take your branding on the road. They are substantial vinyl graphics and decals mounted on the outside of the trucks, delivery vans, or service vehicles used by your company.

Professional installation and upkeep can extend the lifespan of wraps. On the other hand, local factors like climate and pollution can also affect how long your wrap will last. If you want to learn more about the lifespan of a wrap, call us at 850-238-8612.

A partial wrap covers only a portion of a vehicle and is typically less expensive than a full wrap. The disadvantage is that the partial wrap may not be as noticeable or visible from all sides.

These are thin rolls of vinyl with adhesive-backed films that are rolled and cut by a cutter controlled by a computer to create letters and patterns. This vinyl film can also be printed with patterns to create intricate details and designs.

At Blue Ocean Custom Signs! Our Panama City Beach team makes it easy, from crafting the design to seamlessly applying the graphics to your vehicles. Our dedication to the project and the client is what distinguishes us.

Whether it’s an SUV or a trailer truck, a full wrap covers the entire vehicle and a complete fleet wrap covers all the vehicles in your fleet. Full wraps are the most visually appealing and attention-grabbing. Complete fleet wraps are ideal for brands looking for a sure-fire way to catch everyone’s attention on the road.

As the owner of a business, you may frequently wonder, “How can I reach my target audience?” There is one advertising strategy that is both current and inexpensive. Fleet wraps and graphics, as well as vehicle wraps, cover a truck, car, or another vehicle with company information.

Custom-made fleet wraps are essential if you want to effectively convey your message, project professionalism and dependability, and highlight your promotions. We make certain that your fleet wraps, lettering, and graphics complement one another and are consistent with your overall branding strategy. Your target audience will be familiar and clear about your identity and image, and they will have more trust in your brand and what you can offer them.