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Are you looking for a unique yet uncomplicated way to grab the attention of passersby? Hanging Business Sign are fantastic for boosting your brand visibility and capturing your target audience’s interest. Unlike most signs, which are applied directly on a flat surface, these are installed perpendicular to a wall. Thus, making them excellent supplementary outdoor signage.

Blue Ocean Custom Signs takes pride in producing top-notch hanging signs made from the best materials and tools. We are a team of seasoned signage specialists serving business-owners in and near Panama City Beach. We want to be your trusted partner for design and signage solutions in the area, which is why we continuously hone our skills and expand our knowledge. 

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Projecting Signs and Brackets

Exude professionalism and class when you opt for projecting signs and brackets. What makes these better than your average hanging signs is they don’t swing with the wind, are more likely to last longer despite harsh weather conditions, and create a more refined look.

Blue Ocean Custom Signs, we offer a wide range of materials for you to choose from so that your projecting signs and brackets complement your space, interior or exterior design, and branding requirements. PVC foam board cut is perfect if you want to portray your design preferences accurately. Paired with minimalist brackets, this signage emanates a modern and sleek vibe. On the other hand, a wood or metal panel alongside iron ornate brackets radiates a more classic and timeless aura.

Hanging Blade Signs

Blade signs are certainly not just for bars, cafes, and restaurants since they work for almost all businesses such as florist shops, clinics, and architectural firms. Hanging blade signs are strategically installed outside to entice customers and clients to enter the establishment and check out your product or services. 

As your trusted Panama City Beach sign company, we only utilize specially picked materials to meet your needs. For example, if you want your signboard to stand the test of time, we use sturdy materials such as cast polyurethane, PVC, fiberglass, and solid timber. Blue Ocean Custom Signs offers a range of materials to customize your posts and brackets, including:

Indoor Hanging Signs

It’s a common misconception that Hanging Business Sign are only meant for outdoor use. Indoor Hanging Business Sign are equally effective in promoting your brand. These are also fantastic for providing directions, visual cues, and relevant information to people. These are commonly found in large establishments, such as:

Interior hanging signs are made from different materials since these serve a different purpose. Part of Blue Ocean Custom Signs’ dedication to you is helping you decide what material is best for your goals.

Do you prefer signage that’s hard to miss and engaging? LED message boards or sign boxes could be what you need.

Interested in a simpler and sleeker design? Corrugated plastic, PVC, or acrylic are ideal solutions.

Whatever you may need, our Panama City Beach team is fully equipped to fulfill your demands.

Your Trusted Sign Shop in Panama City Beach

Blue Ocean Custom Signs is one of the best signage companies in Panama City Beach specializing in hanging signs. We take the time to study your brand, learn about your competitors and consumers and evaluate your existing space.

Before diving into the production and fabrication stage, we ensure that your vision and brand personality are incorporated into the signs. It’s not just about aesthetics; we also prioritize the functionality of your signs.

Once everything has been approved and produced, our expert installers work their magic to strategically apply your signage. Thanks to their extensive training and years of experience, our installers work efficiently and seamlessly to make the final output look impressive.

Our Panama City Beach team will work closely with you throughout the signage process to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want and need. In case any of your signs need repair and maintenance services in the future, our team can handle that as well.

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frequently asked questions

Hanging signs are typically hung from the ceiling or mounted on the wall inside or outside of a building. Depending on the type of hanging sign and design, these can be referred to by various names. Hanging banners, swing signs, blade signs, and projecting signs are other names or types of hanging signs.

As your trusted sign company, we make sure to use only the best materials for your signs. We offer a range of materials like stainless metal, wood, acrylic and more. Contact us today at 850-238-8612 and speak with our team members to find out which of these materials is best for your project.

Unlike signs that can be seen from a long distance, Hanging Signs are designed to catch the attention of people walking nearby. Similarly, they encourage these potential customers to visit and learn more about what your company has to offer.

Signage sizes are most commonly 12″x18″, 18″x24″, and 24″x36″, but these are not the only options. Their sizes are usually customizable, but they may vary depending on the size of the mount. Contact us today for more details.

There are several types of indoor hanging signs that you can choose from – hanging channel letters, swing signs, blade-type signs, and double-sided. Contact us today and let our team of experts guide you in choosing the best sign for your business.

Blade Signs are typically double-sided signs that protrude from the side of a building, making them visible from both directions. They are available in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and forms. They can be mounted and used in a variety of ways, including from a wall or ceiling.

We use only the best materials for your signs as your trusted sign company. We provide various materials like stainless metal, wood, and acrylic. Contact us today at 850-238-8612 to speak with one of our team members about which of these materials is best for your brand.

Hanging banners are signs that are intended to be hung across a wall or, in the case of hanging structures, from the ceiling. You can customize a hanging banner to your brand’s specific requirements.

There are numerous DIY instruction videos available online that teach step-by-step procedures on how to make a hanging welcome sign. However, for business owners, we recommend that you consult with a professional sign company for your signs, so you positively represent your brand. Allow the professionals to handle the task. For a free quote, please call 850-238-8612.

You do not need to look any further because Blue Ocean Custom Signs is here to assist you! We design personalized hanging signs customized for your brand. We provide high-quality sign products and services in the Panama City Beach and Panama City Beach area. For a free quote, call 850-238-8612.