Helpful Tips for Creating ADA Bathroom Signs

Helpful Tips for Creating ADA Bathroom Signs
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Bathroom signs are one type of signage that every business should emphasize. They are a necessary addition to your space, as they point to an important customer facility. Letting customers know how to find the restrooms is one way to make their visit more comfortable.

Since these are crucial signs for businesses, all types of customers should have access to these signs. That is why restroom signs are required to adhere to ADA guidelines for business signs.

What are ADA Bathroom Signs?

ADA signs are business signs that follow guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. These signs make your establishment more accessible to all customers. They can help ensure that everyone feels safe, welcome, and is able to navigate through your business.

How to Create the Right ADA Custom Bathroom Sign?

Size and Placement

When you want to effectively communicate using signs, it is important to choose a size that is visible even from a distance. Character size, for example, needs to be between 5/8 and 2 inches in height.

Restroom signs are more useful when placed immediately next to the door, on the latch side. Mounting height should be no lower than 40 inches from the ground.

Characters and Braille

Custom bathroom signs are one type ADA signs that require braille. ADA rules require Grade 2 braille on your signs. When braille is required, raised letters are also needed. These make your signs more tactile, which is convenient for those who do not use braille.

Font styles should be ADA approved, which means using either sans serif or simple serif for the text and numbers. Any decorative scripts or embellishment should be avoided. This makes bathroom signs easy to read by a wider range of audiences.


Restrooms are recommended to have pictograms. These are symbols that help communicate a message without words.

These are often found on restroom doors, identifying which type of room it is for. Family bathroom signs, for example, often have a male and female figure along with a symbol for a wheelchair if it is wheelchair accessible.

Color and Finish

ADA-compliant bathroom signs are required to have a non-glare finish. This means choosing matte, eggshell, or any other material that doesn’t have any reflective features.

As for color, all ADA signs should be high contrast. This means choosing colors that complement each other and make the background and characters distinct. These make your sign more readable especially for those with visual impairments.

Looking for ADA Bathroom Signs in Panama City Beach?

The last tip for creating the right ADA-compliant bathroom signs is choosing a sign maker that knows how to do it right. Blue Ocean Custom Signs is your top choice for ADA signs. Our expert sign makers are well-versed in ADA regulations. This ensures you get signs that are 100 percent compliant.

Whether you need one family bathroom sign or a complete set of restroom signage, we are here for you! Contact us today for a free consultation on your ADA bathroom sign needs in Panama City Beach.