How Do ADA Signs Help People with Disabilities?

ADA Custom Signs for Business
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ADA signage can help more of your customers than you might think. ADA custom signs make it easy for people with differences in hearing or visual ability to see and feel their way around public spaces. Here are some of the key ways that ADA signage can help:

Braille Help Everyone Read, Regardless of Visual Ability

Grade II Braille ADA signage displays help visitors locate:

  • Restrooms
  • Elevators
  • Floors
  • Stairwells and
  • All exit levels

Properly Indicate Designated Parking Spots

Handicap parking ADA signs are typically made of aluminum. Their lettering is easy to spot and reflects light. This makes them visible during daylight and nighttime. ADA signage makes finding parking spaces easy for the disabled. If you have van-accessible parking, it should be included in clear text posted in a visible location.  ADA signs should be hung 48 to 60 inches above the ground. This will allow any person seated in a wheelchair to touch and understand the sign.

Clearly Indicate Emergency Exits

ADA custom signs help blind people find their way out during an emergency and allow them to navigate their way easily through a building. To protect your disabled customers, it is vital to install the right ADA-compliant signage.

Create an Inclusive Environment

ADA signs help your business convey a message of respect and care. Your disabled customers feel appreciated and welcome. When we enter an unknown environment, it always creates anxiety. This can be even more so for disabled visitors. People with certain cognitive differences are not comfortable talking to strangers. ADA custom signage will make them comfortable.

Use ADA-compliant signs made from high contrast and raised lettering. This can make your disabled customers satisfied with the attention you give to their needs and increase the likelihood they return for more business.  Easy to read and well-designed ADA signs in Panama City Beach, FL can also benefit the elderly whose eyesight may not be what it once was.

Your Reliable Partner for ADA Signage

If you are looking for custom ADA signs for your business so that your disabled clients feel valued and cared for, contact us now and schedule a free consultation call.  At Blue Ocean Custom Signs, we ensure that your ADA signs are completely in compliance and look good at the same time.