How to Get the Most Out of Your Vehicle Wraps and Graphics?

6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Vehicle Wraps and Graphics
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Vinyl wraps and graphics can give any business the equivalent of a mobile billboard, putting the business’s brand image and message in front of countless commuters every day. Even when your vehicle sits parked, it continues to advertise your products and services. Vinyl wall murals can convey similar effects on a large scale inside your facility. But if you’re going to invest in this potent form of marketing, you want to get the most value for your dollar. With that in mind, the following smart tips to work 

  • Promote the Brand – First and foremost, create vinyl wraps and graphics that get your brand out there properly. Use high-resolution images of your logo, include your brand’s official colors and fonts, and remember to include your company’s catchphrase or slogan.
  • Use a Broad Canvas – Whether your vehicle fleet consists of small cars or massive vans, you may as well fill every square inch of free space with vinyl graphics and letterings. If you plan to create an interior vinyl wall mural, choose a large, blank wall uncluttered by windows and turn the whole thing into a dramatic brand statement.
  • Employ Creative Imagery – Think about what kinds of clever or striking images can best depict the nature of your business, and then integrate those images into your vinyl car wraps. For instance, if you do plumbing work, you might feature images of pipes that extend all the way around your work van. If you work with pets, you could cover your vehicle with paw prints. The possibilities are endless.
  • Vary Your Vehicles – Don’t assume that you can only apply vinyl car wraps to cars. You can add colorful graphics to trucks, minivans, box vans, and even buses or train cars. The larger the vehicle, the more elaborate you can get with your images, and the more attention-getting the final result may prove. Meanwhile, your little company cars are getting the word out about your business while running even the most mundane errands.
  • Keep Text Clear and Readable – Just as with any other kind of signage, your vinyl signs must feature clear, simple, memorable, easy-to-read text. Stick with strong, simple fonts that stand out easily against your chosen background colors. Remember to position your contact information as prominently as possible so people can call your business the instant they encounter your vehicle and fall under your signage’s spell.
  • Go for Laughs – Can you think of a hilarious line that encapsulates what your company does while also providing viewers with a hearty laugh? Humor really can make a brand stand out, for the simple reasons that people remember a clever joke or memorable turn of phrase.

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