Know the Various Types of Channel Letters Signs

Consider this Channel Letters for storefront sign in Panama City Beach, FL
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Channel letters have been a popular sign choice for many Panama City Beach businesses over the years. It is a great way to set your business apart, boost branding, and increase customer reach.

The many ways you can customize these signs make them perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Businesses who want to put an identifier in front of their space use storefront channel letters. Companies who aim to make a great impression when customers walk in choose channel letters for their lobbies, as well.

Choosing the type of sign that fits your business needs may be daunting. Here are four types of channel signs that can help you make the right decision for your company:

Front-Lit Custom Channel Letter Signs

Front-lit signs, also known as standard channel letters, are illuminated from the inside. This lights the “face” of each letter or graphic. It is typically made with aluminum sides and back, with an acrylic front surface where lights go through. Lighting options include either LED modules or neon tubing.     

Back-Lit Channel Letter Signs

Back-lit signs are also known as reverse-lit or halo-lit signs. As the name suggests, this sign is illuminated from the back of the letters and reflected on the mounting surface. Ideally, a gap is left between the sign and the mounting surface when installed to make way for the lighting options.

Unlike front-lit signs, the back of halo-lit signs is typically made of acrylic and the front face with aluminum. This means the light feature will surround the text, creating a “halo” effect that makes your custom channel letters more attractive.

Front/Back-Lit Custom Channel Letters

When you want the ultimate eye-catching channel letter sign, front/back-lit signs are the top choice. This is the combination of both front-lit and back-lit signs. The sides are made with aluminum, while the front and back are made with acrylic.

This creates a sign that is illuminated from within, with light reflected onto the mounting surface producing a glow around the sign.

You can also choose different colors for the front and backlighting options. This unique look makes your sign more attention-grabbing.

Open Face Custom Channel Letter Signs

While it may seem like this sign has an open front face, it very much isn’t so. Open face signs are made of acrylic to get the effect of seeing the actual light source within.

The exposed light source has a traditional neon sign feel. If you want a classic yet creative look for your store, open-face storefront channel letters are a great option.

Full-Service Sign Company in Panama City Beach

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