Learn the Five Key Elements of Good Real Estate Signs

Learn the Five Key Elements of Good Real Estate Signs
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The real estate industry is one of the most robust and competitive industries around. This kind of market can make it challenging for companies to get ahead. That’s why a solid set of real estate signs is necessary to set yourself apart.

Real Estate Signs “Near Me” in Panama City Beach

When it comes to signage for real estate, there are plenty of options to choose from. Begin by planning your marketing strategy. This will make it easier to choose the right signs that will work well for your campaign.

For example, real estate yard signs are great if you want multiple signs around your properties. A-frames, or sandwich boards, are best to use for driving more traffic to open houses. When you want to get the attention of motorists from a distance, feather flags are the way to go.

Here is a rundown of what makes good real estate signage:

1. Branding

Branding is key when you want to stand out from the competition. It is important to distinguish yourself from the rest. Have a company logo and brand colors? These are a great addition to your custom real estate signs.

This also tells interested buyers that you are not any ordinary real estate company. You are an established business that they can trust with their investment.

2. Clarity and Readability

Signs are key to conveying a message. Make it easy for your reader to receive your message by keeping it clear and readable. Choose standard font sizes and styles that are easy to read. Also, remember to keep your sign simple. Too much text and graphics can overwhelm your reader.

Often, real estate yard signs are aimed at people driving or passing by. This gives you a few seconds to get your message across, and a readable sign can do the job.

3. Contact Information

Real estate agents aren’t typically standing by the properties to accommodate questions. Make sure that interested buyers have a way to reach you. Adding your website and contact information on your custom real estate sign is a great way to generate leads and potential conversions.

4. Call to Action

A CTA or call-to-action is one effective way to ensure you get valuable leads from custom real estate signs. This is effective especially for those who may not be looking for a property but chanced upon your signage. A CTA such as inviting prospects to come in for an open house or to follow your social media pages can spark their interest.

5. Looking for High-Quality Real Estate Signs “Near Me”?

The last component to a good real estate sign is choosing a trusted sign company. In Panama City Beach, Blue Ocean Custom Signs is your top choice. Our expert sign makers understand the demands of the real estate industry. We offer high-quality signs made with the best materials to ensure your properties get the attention they need.

Outshine your competition with a unique real estate sign! Instead of searching for real estate signs “near me,” contact us today in Panama City Beach for a free consultation.