LED Signs & Signage – Panama City, FL

Modern and attention-grabbing signage solutions worth the investment, LED signage is your marketing must-have to promote your product and services and gain a competitive advantage. These are also highly effective in amplifying your brand visibility even at night and heavy rain or snow.

Back in the day, most people used neon to illuminate their signs, but these days more and more entrepreneurs switch to LED because of its many benefits. It is brighter and can show more vivid colors but consumes less energy and lasts longer. If you’re not a big fan of old school lighted signs, investing in LED signs is the way to go. Even if you are, LED can recreate that look for a fraction of the price.

Blue Ocean Custom Signs takes pride in producing some of the most iconic and showstopping LED signs in Panama City. We provide a wide range of customization, such as colors, animation, and dimensions. Besides LED signs, we also offer various LED backlighting options for:

Some of the businesses that commonly use LED signs are hotels, restaurants, theaters, and nightclubs. 

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Indoor LED Signs

It’s a common misconception that LED signs are only used as outdoors signs. Interior LED signs are a fantastic way to reinforce your brand, provide directional cues, and serve as identification for specific areas or rooms in your establishment. With the right kind of display, you can manipulate their letter and graphic styles to suit your interior design and furniture.

Programmable LED Message Boards

If you want to invest in signage that engages with your employees and customers, a programmable LED message board is an excellent investment. LED displays work nicely to showcase promotional videos and slideshows of your products, services, and events. You can feature company history, trivia, and games to keep people entertained in the reception area or checkout. These displays help reduce the waiting time since your guests and customers are focused on what you’re showing them instead of the actual time. 

Your Local Lighted Sign Company in Panama City

Blue Ocean Custom Signs, Panama City is your one-stop-shop for all your LED signage needs. From single color units to multi-color graphic displays, we have it all. As industry experts, we are well-versed in designing, producing, and installing LED signs that fit your needs and budget. As a local sign company, we love working closely with you to craft the perfect signage solution.

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