5 Things You Need to Know About Lobby Signs

Lobby Signs: 5 Things You Need to Know About Lobby Signs
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A lot of businesses in Panama City Beach are based out of leased space. That means the décor they inherit when they move in is generic, and there isn’t a lot of scope to modify the premises. Just about the only exception that is made is for installing lobby signs.

Office lobby signs are recognized as the quintessential means of branding the business. When a client or customer walks in through the front door, signs in the lobby confirm they are in the right place. These signs often become the centerpiece of the office, helping make a great first impression.

In this article, we look at five things that you really need to know about signs in the lobby to make the most of your investment.

5 Things You Need to Know About Lobby Signs

Attractive lobby signs are instrumental in creating a stronger buyer journey and converting prospects into paying customers. Keep reading to learn how you can get the most value from your investment.

  1. Customized signs

The main sign in the lobby should always be customized for the business’s branding. A branded sign makes a strong first impression, while standard signs are an immediate turn-off. Choose from a large selection of styles – channel letters, dimensional letters, raceway, floating, neon, and even floor-standing signs – to find the sign that works best for your space.

  1. Available in a lot of materials

Aluminum, wood, plastic, acrylic, glass, and vinyl are some of the most popular materials used to build office lobby signs. Find one that suits your space, your décor, and your industry. Creatives businesses, for instance, prefer stark signs made of acrylic; on the other hand, professionals like lawyers and accountants opt for signs made of metal and wood to project a sense of permanence.

  1. Lots of illumination options

Lighting is one aspect of signage that has evolved tremendously in the last few years. Small, inexpensive LED lighting has meant virtually any type of sign can be illuminated. Signs can be front-lit, backlit, halo-lit, and spotlighted. Each of these lighting configurations lends a very different ambiance, so make sure your choice matches your space.

  1. Lobby digital signage

LED panels and digital signs have become incredibly popular in recent years. Business owners love how customizable they are and how the messaging can be changed on-the-fly. Lobby digital signage can be used to showcase promotions, sales, engage visitors, and much more! Best of all, these signs are available in a wide range of configurations and can make the lobby truly unique.

  1. Signs can be affordable

It is a modern myth that large indoor signs like reception signs are expensive. Like when buying a car, it’s only when you keep checking the options list that even the most humble model starts to feel pricey. The same is true of signs. Material choice, design, mounting options, and lighting all impact the cost of the sign.

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