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Do you want to make a positive first impression as customers enter your establishment? Professionally made reception signs can welcome and greet your guests and customers as they enter your store, shop, or facility. If you have invested in stunning storefront signs, your lobby signs should meet the standard that it has set.

Here at Blue Ocean Custom Signs, Panama City we provide a full selection of lobby signage such as:

Our signage specialists are ready and equipped to provide exceptional signage solutions for your company. We offer professional consultation, design, fabrication, installation, repair, and maintenance services for all types of indoor and outdoor business signs.


Lobby Logo Signs

If you want to solidify your brand, an impactful brand message reinforced through other marketing efforts is crucial. Top-quality business signs can help. Custom-made lobby signs allow your target audience to learn more about who you are as a brand and what you’re capable of providing them.

These can also be used to give directions, reminders, safety precautions, and other important information that you want your visitors and clients to know while they are inside your establishment. Blue Ocean Custom Signs’ lobby signs are made with the best materials and tools and help you maintain a professional, reliable appearance.

Lobby Signs, Panama City Beach, FL

Cohesive Business Signage Collection

Beyond reception signs, Blue Ocean Custom Signs produces a complete range of business signs in Panama City, such as:

Choose us as your signage partner in Panama City. We’ll create interior and exterior business signs that complement each other and are cohesive with your branding requirements. 

Free Lobby Sign Consultation in Panama City,FL

As part of our commitment to our clients, we want to give as much guidance as possible throughout the signage process to ensure that you get what you want and need. It’s not just about making the right sign; it’s about working with you to improve your business.

Call 850-238-8612 today to claim your free lobby signage consultation with our specialist.

frequently asked questions

They typically cost between $600 to $1300 to produce, but the price can go lower or higher depending on their size, design, and finish. Of course, if you choose illuminated reception area signs, they will be more expensive since electrical work is needed.

Digital reception area signs are more complex to design, manufacture, and install. If you want to get a free quote, reach out to us today.

At Blue Ocean Custom Signs, we typically use flat-cut materials, such as acrylic, when producing backlit reception signs and metal mounts to secure them in place. For signs that have metal faces, we paint their edges with silver for a more harmonious appeal. Lastly, we carefully affix the illumination on the back portion of every element to create an impressive halo effect.

We use a 2:1 ratio when creating your high-quality lobby signs. For example, if you have an 8 feet wide wall, your signs will usually be around 4 feet wide.