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Wall Mural, Panama City Beach, FL
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If you are thinking about adding pizzazz to your home or office space, one of the best ways is to use wall murals. Wall murals can fill the entire wall or can be restricted to a smaller space. Murals offer an easy and affordable way for your business to add an accent wall. Or add interest to a wall with a border or design at chair rail height. Wall mural designs are custom-made with your design input. You can choose the colors to match your office décor, to enhance or highlight your room design.

Vinyl Wall Mural Designs for Room Accents

Vinyl wall murals are a good way to design an accent wall or portion of a wall. This idea works well for a corporate lobby, meeting room, or break room.

You can use vinyl murals like wall mural wallpaper. Decide which wall will be the accent, then picture the design, message, and colors you’d like to add. The biggest difference between wallpaper and a wall mural is that you have to select an already-made design and colors when using wallpaper. With a wall mural, you can choose the pattern and colors you want before the wall mural is made. Every element is custom-made to fit your office setting.

Custom Wall Murals for Business

A custom wall mural is ideal for business, to highlight your company culture. Whether you decide on a pattern, a message, or a graphic design, every element is designed by you to match your company’s branding. You can use a wall mural to feature your company logo, founder, or product history. Or you can simply add an interesting pattern on one wall to liven up the room.

If you have a waiting room for clients before they have appointments, make the room more interesting with your accent wall. Or give your lobby some pizzazz with your signature colors. Custom wall murals are a good way to include some creative motifs in your decor.

Benefits of Wall Murals

Wall murals offer several benefits to the designer and the client.

  • Color – Wall murals are a great way to add color to a neutral space.
  • Design – You can add any design you want to the room of your choice.
  • Easy to addVinyl wall murals are easy to install or takedown.
  • Affordable – Changing the decor of a room is more affordable if you change one wall, instead of the whole room.
  • Unique – Since you are creating a custom mural, it’s unique to your decor.
  • Eye-catching – Wall murals attract the eye and attention of the viewer.
  • Impressive – Wall murals make an impression that will be remembered.

Deciding on a Wall Mural

The hardest part when buying a wall mural is making the decision on the design. It helps if you’re prepared with a general idea of what you want, with color samples and any text to be added. Another helpful hint is to come prepared with measurements of the wall, and how the room is laid out. With this information, a designer can work with you to create your mural.

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