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Restroom signs are essential for any business that wants its customers to feel safe and comfortable. Proper signage will guide visitors through your establishment and help them locate the necessary facilities quickly and easily. Public restroom signage is vital, but more importantly, it should be ADA-compliant. It’s crucial that a restroom signs meaning is accessible to everyone who may need to use your facilities in Panama City Beach, FL. ADA restroom signs are an absolute necessity. Whether you manage a business, a church, or a community center, they are important to accommodate all types of visitors. In order to navigate your premises independently, you must provide clear signs directing your customers to the bathroom. Blue Ocean Signs offers many types of restroom signs to suit all your guests’ needs. This includes:

Men’s and Women’s Bathroom Door Signs in Panama City Beach, FL

The first step for effective restroom signs is to have signs that identify men’s and women’s bathrooms. We offer options that provide the necessary information for your visitors and are customized to your company’s brand. You can also stick with traditional white signs with simple symbols and lettering for convenience.

We can create any sign you desire – whether it’s elegant or essential. We will remain ADA-compliant while your signs are custom-tailored for your business.

A direction sign usually has male and female restroom signs with an arrow pointing in the right direction. Your sign must also include this symbol if the bathroom is handicapped-accessible.

When appropriate, signs will include a gender symbol or a handicap symbol. Depending on your taste and the needs of your guests, you can choose between symbols or symbols and text. 

Family and Unisex Bathroom Signs

There are family restrooms and unisex restroom signs available for multi-purpose facilities. Two adults and a child typically appear on a family sign, while two adults appear on unisex signs. Guests in wheelchairs must also be able to access the restroom if it has a handicap symbol. These signs come in numerous styles and colors and can include only symbols or symbols and text.

Signage has become even more important with the changes in bathroom accessibility in recent years to ensure the safety and comfort of your visitors. Our team will ensure that your business, as well as your restrooms, are appropriately labeled. 

Handicap-Accessible Restroom Signs

While all of your guests must know where your accessible restrooms are located, it is even more important for guests with disabilities. In addition to directing people to the facility, signage guides them on how to get there. Your restrooms may not all be accessible in the same way, so it is vital that you provide appropriate signs to let people using wheelchairs know how to navigate your premises.

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frequently asked questions

Restroom signs help customers, guests, and employees feel comfortable. Marking men’s, women’s, and unisex bathrooms can also help create an atmosphere of inclusion and safety. Having the right signage means using universally recognized symbols to guide visitors to public restrooms. Most importantly, Blue Ocean Custom Signs of Panama City Beach, FL, can help you create restroom signs that are ADA compliant.

The stick figures on restroom signs indicate whether a restroom is designed for men, women, or gender-neutral visitors. But what are they called? These pictograms are examples of Isotypes, International Symbol of Typographic Picture Education.

ADA restroom signs convey essential information and help those with sensory or other challenges maintain their independence. Most churches, community centers, businesses, and other public spaces include clearly labeled symbols in their restroom signage.

Typical restroom signs are approximately 6” long and 9” high but can be customized to whatever size is needed. Team up with Blue Ocean Custom Signs to ensure yours are created and installed properly.

ADA bathroom signs have numerous requirements. Our designers adhere to local and national guidelines and our signs include visual characters, Braille characters, and tactile characters. It’s important to choose a sign maker that understands ADA signage for clear communications and adherence to relevant laws.

ADA-compliant signs have very specific designs. We will install your signs at the required height and ensure that customers can find them quickly. Additionally, we use universal symbols for any signage displayed near public accommodations.

Most do, yes. Permanent rooms require braille for ADA compliance. Directories, building addresses, parking signs, and other temporary signs do not require ADA compliance. However, it’s good practice to include them anyway.

It’s important to understand the rules in your jurisdiction and ensure all elements are easy to read. The color, size, and other factors influence how easy it is to read your bathroom signage. Pay particular attention to text height, which should range between 5/8” and 2”.

No, ADA signs should not be mounted directly on a door. Instead, they should be mounted on the wall beside the door to ensure proper compliance.

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