How Businesses Use Contemporary Monument Signs to Make a Statement?

How Businesses Use Contemporary Monument Signs To Make A Statement
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As the market landscape in your industry changes, so should the way you advertise your business. Products and services are always evolving, improving processes in terms of time, ease of use, and the value they offer the public. As products change, advertising follows. Finding new and exciting ways to market your products is a challenge, but one form of advertising that will never go out of style is signage. Just as the market does, signage changes too, which requires businesses to stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving signage trends. If you do not want to fall behind your competitors, it’s time to acquire signage that has a modern-day touch. Contemporary monument signs are a prime example of how traditional, elegant signage can be customized with a modern appeal. The best part is, with our expertise at Blue Ocean Custom Signs, we can retain the high-end style signs are known for, while simultaneously crafting a sign that transforms your business into a landmark in your community.

Infuse a Fresh Feeling into Your Business

Remodelling your business with a touch of modernity can give you increased confidence and help you attract a larger customer base. Here are some of the benefits that adding a contemporary monument sign outside your business offers:

  • Harness the Power of LED Lighting
    There are many ways to use lighting to elevate your monument sign, such as having an illuminated acrylic sign face or adding channel letters atop your sign that are spotlighted. You can also create a warm, inviting sign face with backlit lighting, which is often the perfect addition to a contemporary hotel, spa, or fine-dining restaurant; this is because backlit lighting is classy and sophisticated. By combining a backlit sign face with a distinctive, visible sign body, businesses can be sure that their signage will catch people’s attention and guide them through their front doors.
  • Add a Level of Interactivity
    Finding unique ways to interact with potential customers is an effective way of increasing the level of engagement in your business experiences. As customer needs are rapidly changing, so are marketing efforts. For example, as interactivity through touch has decreased, QR codes have emerged to allow engagement through customers’ personal mobile devices. This removes the need to make contact with a business’s signs or interactive displays but still enables a connection to be built between customers and businesses.
    You may be wondering why monument signs should include interactive elements. We’re happy to explain! When a monument sign is positioned outside your business and includes interactive elements, you are creating a bonding experience with your customers before they even enter your business. Whether your customer is too busy to stop in or their question was answered by your interactive sign, a visit is no longer essential to kickstart a consumer relationship. As a bonus, offering access to your websites allows you to generate sales without needing people to enter your establishment.
  • Elevate Your Atmosphere by Improving Your Aesthetic Appeal
    If you are trying to start a business or elevate a pre-existing one, consider crafting a modern look; with contemporary decor, your business can reflect the atmosphere you want to create. Your business signage collection inside your establishment should match your outdoor signage to create a cohesive experience; if your business’s signage quality and visual appeal is consistent throughout, people will begin to trust that your products and services are consistent as well. Start with a beautifully designed contemporary monument sign to transform your business and produce a professional aesthetic.
  • Digital Signboards
    Using digital elements in signage is a trend we expect will only continue to grow. Digital signboards give you the power to change your message quickly and in real-time by utilizing a content management system. You can even test different messages to see what resonates best with your target audience.
    Content management systems allow you to change your message with remote controls no matter where you are. You can also plan your content weeks in advance, ensuring your business is well-prepared for all events, sales, and promotions.
    Messaging as simple as a holiday greeting or invitations to upcoming events will help to build a deeper connection between your business and the local community.

Incorporate Innovative Materials into Your Contemporary Monument Sign

Monument signs have historically been one of the most durable signs a business can invest in, and it all has to do with the materials they are made from. Stone monument signs, concrete monument signs, and metal monument signs or a few popular choices that are effective and long-lasting.

Monument signs can also be made with a foundation or brick-and-mortar construction, which strengths their resistance to deterioration and weather damage. It is easy to see why people trust these signs to stand against all kinds of conditions, including rust, mould, and insect damage. Contemporary monument signs promise even greater durability because our material providers continuously improve their manufacturing processes and the quality of materials; this allows us to create durable signage with versatile, updated materials.

Special metals, unbreakable glass, and heavy-duty acrylics and plastics allow us to elevate your signs with a custom sign face, blend unique colors into intricate designs, and add other modern touches.

Other ways to add innovative elements to your signage include:

  • Crafting Sleek Designs
    New materials allow for sleek designs, which can have an architectural impact that resonates throughout your entire business. Since a contemporary monument sign is one of the first signs people see as they drive up to your business, it is often responsible for first impressions.
    Additionally, match your exterior signage to your interior design to create a chic, cohesive experience that is memorable for anyone who visits.
  • Blending Images with Custom Typography
    A picture is worth a thousand words, but the typography you use on your contemporary monument sign is akin to a headline in a news article; it’s eye-catching, captivating, and informative for all passersby. This is where you can display crucial information in the font and positioning that grabs attention and is easily read.
  • Integrating Your Signage with Your Outdoor Environment
    If you want your monument sign to have even more impact, consider combining your contemporary monument sign with landscaping techniques. Use the sign’s surroundings to truly make it stand out. Flowers or bushes tastefully planted around your sign can bring further attention to your message and increase its visual appeal.

Grow Your Business with Signage in 2024

If you are looking to renovate your business and upgrade your old, worn-out signage system, call us at Blue Ocean Custom Signs. We have helped many businesses in Panama City Beach, FL, look their best and target their specific audiences.

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