Why a Lobby Sign Is Critical for Your Business Image?

Custom Lobby Signs for Business
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The impact these signs can have on customers and visitors is immense, and you have a range of options to enhance your lobby.

These signs can add life to your office space and give it a lively and fresh look. Office lobby signs create a positive atmosphere and have unique features to grab people’s attention.

Lobby signs are the first thing clients see but you can also add other interior signs in your business, such as:

  • Attractive wall murals
  • Lobby digital signage
  • Window and glass graphics
  • Plexiglass directional signs
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Wall graphics

How Can a Lobby Sign Help My Business?

When done right, this signage can reap you a multitude of benefits:

Market Your Brand

These signs help market your brand, display your company tagline, name, and logo. It’s often the first touchpoint with a client when they enter your business so it’s important that it matches your overall branding.

Effective Non-verbal Communication with Your Client

LED illuminated or backlit office lobby signs can make the area appealing. Directional signs help guide visitors around.  They make them feel welcome instead of lost and confused. Moreso, the signs can creatively display all the services that your business provides.

Modern and Dynamic

Lobby digital signage ensures your branding is modern and eye-catching. It can be updated at any time. They are interactive and dynamic.  Added technology can enhance the customer’s or guests’ experience.

Effective Display of Brand Achievement

Displaying your company’s awards helps spread word of mouth about all the great things your business can do. If you choose to put up some notable business reviews, they can help build trust and awareness of your company. Lobby digital signage can share a live news feed, video, or social media wall for entertaining guests in the lobby.

Whether small or large, companies display news and employee awards in their lobby. It’s important to ensure that the customers entering your lobby feel welcomed, intrigued, and comfortable with your company. To ensure that this happens every single time, you need to have properly branded signage placed in your reception.

Your Source

So, are you searching for office lobby signs that can effectively convey your company’s brand image and message?  Let us design your office lobby. Contact us now and schedule a free consultation.