Why Selecting the Right ADA Sign Company is Important?

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The Americans with Disabilities Act was created to ensure that every person can do their daily activities comfortably. As such, businesses need to follow certain rules to accommodate people with disabilities.

These guidelines include having signs that can easily be seen and understood by every customer in Panama City Beach.

Choosing an ADA Custom Signs Expert

ADA signs are a necessary addition to any business space. These are signs designed to let people with disabilities find their way around your space with ease. These create a more pleasant experience all around.

ADA compliance, however, is a law that every business has to follow. For this reason, your signs must be executed properly. This ensures your establishment is not only accessible. It also avoids any problems with permits and penalties you can incur by not having the right signs.

Therefore, it is important to find the right sign company that can produce ADA-compliant signs for your business.

They have the experience

A sign company that makes ADA-compliant signs has the technical knowledge and experience to do the job right. This is crucial since ADA standards have specific guidelines on what a compliant sign is.

There are a certain size, height, and text requirements that must be followed. The sign company you choose should have the experience and tools to fabricate those specific designs.

Their expertise in ADA guidelines

Since ADA signs are a legal requirement, a sign company needs to be well-versed in ADA guidelines. It may be challenging for them to produce the right sign if they are unfamiliar with the rules and requirements.

For example, braille is required for permanent rooms or spaces. A sign company that is familiar with ADA standards would know the following:

  1. Contracted grade 2 braille should be used
  2. Braille should be dome-shaped instead of pointed
  3. Braille cells should sit 0.3 inches apart, with spacing 3/8 inches away from any other tactile characters
  4. Braille should be positioned directly below their corresponding raised text

Understanding the Importance of ADA compliance

Apart from their in-depth knowledge and expertise on ADA guidelines, an understanding of its importance is a plus.

Choose a sign company that knows why these signs are necessary for every business. This will make you more confident about the quality of their work. It will also show their commitment to ensuring your business space is accessible and convenient for all of your customers.

This is especially useful for ADA custom signs. Even with different designs, an ADA expert can ensure your signs are always compliant.

Your ADA Signage Expert in Panama City Beach

Understanding ADA guidelines can be intimidating, especially for a new business. Let Blue Ocean Custom Signs take care of your ADA requirements!

Our team is well-versed in ADA-compliant signs. We make signs that not only follow ADA standards but also create an impact on your customers. Learn more about ADA signs today! Contact us for a FREE consultation with our ADA experts.