Using Window Lettering to Boost Summer Sales and Visibility

Using Window Lettering To Boost Summer Sales And Visibility
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Smart business owners in Panama City Beach know the importance of taking advantage of the summer season to boost sales. Being near this popular tourist attraction, the summertime is the best time to advertise your sales and promote your businesses. People love keepsakes and souvenirs to help them remember their fun experience, so give them the perfect opportunity to take a piece of Panama Beach home with them by showcasing your promotions visibly.

It’s time to devise a plan for what type of signs you should use to attract attention. We recommend vinyl window lettering – installed on your front window, this sign type could be the key to attracting attention from passersby. This blog will dive deeper into this sign solution and outline why it may be the perfect choice for your business!

At Blue Ocean Custom Signs, we are always prepared to support businesses by delivering high-quality, captivating signage. Once we know more about your business goals – increasing visibility, attracting customers, etc. – we will craft a beautiful design that will accomplish them.

Ready to kickstart your next campaign? Give us a call to learn what we can do to help you prepare for this summer.

Advantages of Using Window Lettering in Your Business

Vinyl is a cost-effective, versatile material we love using to create signs. It can be used to craft intricate custom graphics or simple window lettering. Sometimes, a complex design helps set your business apart from others, but other times, letters are all that is needed to deliver the right message and attract new customers.

Some of the advantages of using vinyl lettering on your window include:

  • A Cost-Effective Investment
    Sometimes, the word ‘Sale’ alone is enough to turn heads. People know that a sale is often a limited-time offer, and if they want to reap the benefits of lower prices, they should act fast.
    However, advertising temporary sales with signage may seem like a poor use of your marketing budget. This is why vinyl signs are the perfect option. Vinyl lettering is easy to remove, once you’re finished with the promotion, and is cost-effective, making it a worthwhile, minimalist investment.
  • Endless Customization
    The beautiful thing about using window lettering is that with our precise laser-cutting machines, we can give you crisp edges and a unique font that aligns with your branding. You can choose from any color, pattern, or color combination; you even can order them in any size, whether you want small and subtle or larger than life.
  • Quick Installation
    Installing this type of signage can be done by yourself, yet we recommend working with a professional signage company, as they have the necessary skills and care to guarantee a seamless finish.
    At Blue Ocean Custom Signs, we provide professional installation services to ensure you get the best result possible. What does that look like? No air bubbles underneath the surface of your window lettering is the ideal result, as it will prevent premature peeling.

Combine Vinyl Window Lettering with Decals to Paint a Vivid Picture

Storytelling is a huge component of effective marketing materials. Telling people what products or services your business offers isn’t enough to make a sale. To be effective, your signs have to show customers why they need your products or allow them to envision themselves using your services.

Using window graphics and lettering helps you tell a story with both pictures and key messaging. By showcasing your products or services, people will be able to imagine themselves with them. In the summertime, people want to have fun doing activities!

Whether you depict a father and son having a great time on a ski-doo or celebrating winning a baseball game with ice cream, the right window lettering will drive the point home for a business. Simple phrasing like “Come Celebrate with Us” or “Spend Your Day on the Water” will excite customers and entice them to learn more.

Maximize Your Summer Success with the Right Signage

Business owners often choose vinyl graphics and lettering because they offer countless benefits that maximize the investment and success generated. As they don’t have to be a long-term sign solution, vinyl window signs are the perfect way to promote your business during high seasons and set your business up for success.

Looking for creative ways to make your business a smashing success this summer? The team at Blue Ocean Custom Signs wants to see you succeed, which is why we’ve done some brainstorming for you!

  • Partner with Local Business Attractions
    Many areas in Panama City attract thousands of tourists every day. Each business has a unique proposition for its target audience, but what if businesses worked together to double the number of customers they could advertise to?
    By partnering with two local business attractions using eye-catching advertising materials, businesses could optimize the number of customers they attract and, in theory, double the number of sales made.
  • Entice Tourists with Sweet Treats
    Businesses selling ice-creams and cold drinks can make the best use of their signage during summer to invite customers to their shop. Let people know you have cold treats for the whole family with an eye-catching window lettering sign, and watch your sales grow exponentially.
  • Show Customers a Good Time
    On a hot day, if people aren’t choosing an ice cream cone, they are looking for a cold beverage. For some, nothing beats a cold pint after a long day at work or the beach. Restaurants, bars, and lounges can utilize window lettering to allude to a cold glass with locally brewed beer waiting for customers inside.

Beat the Summer Rush with Blue Ocean Custom Signs

Equip your business for the excitement of summer by calling Blue Ocean Custom Signs today. Our team of sign specialists is always ready to support a business’s desire to prepare for what’s coming. With innovative designs and targeted messaging, we will craft high-quality signage that brings your vision to life.

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