Your Guide to Creating the Best Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Booth, Panama City Beach, FL
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At some point, your organization will want to get back into the self-promotion business by joining your competitors on the trade show circuit. Instead of scrambling at the last minute to come up with the right banners & trade show display elements, start thinking now about what kinds of products you ought to create. The best displays feature multiple branded elements, so give special consideration to the following effective trade show display items:

Trade Show Booths

Your trade show booth gives your company its own branded, semi-enclosed space for attracting visitors, selling your wares, handing out promotional products, and generating responses such as requests for more information. An integrated trade show booth may include full-sized backdrops, counters, and standing banners, all decorated in your company colors and logo.

Tabletop Displays

Tabletop displays can command attention and communicate your brand when you don’t have room to set up full-sized banners. Simply park your display on a table or counter and let its colorful, compelling visuals do the rest. Keep this item in reserve for smaller events with tighter space requirements.

Custom Table Covers

Your exhibit table should market your products or services just as effectively as any other display element you employ. That’s why the best trade show displays typically include custom table covers. A custom table cover sporting your logo, contact information, and company colors can draw eyes to your booth and continue reinforcing your brand image as visitors gather around it.

Printed Backdrops

A printed backdrop gives your trade show exhibit its own full-length rear wall of full-color brand messaging. Ask your trade show display vendor to equip you with pipe-and-drape fabric backdrops that stand on their own or backdrops designed to hang from overhead supports. This element can help you get the most marketing value out of your exhibit’s square footage.


Banners complement your trade show display beautifully by reinforcing your brand image and message everywhere visitors’ eyes may turn within your exhibit. Stand-up banners go together quickly and easily, adding depth and vertical imagery to your booth. Retractable banners which roll up and down from a floor-level base make setup and teardown even easier. For the ultimate in efficiency and convenience, consider a cassette banner. This type of retractable banner contains a cassette that can hold different graphic displays, letting you switch out your messaging from one event to the next.

Canopy Tents

Not all trade shows and exhibitions take place indoors. If you need to create a covered trade show booth or pavilion, consider investing in a canopy tent. Canopy tents stand on four legs and feature a large, weather-resistant dome. Better yet, they’re designed to pop up and stay up with minimum effort. Choose a canopy tent product that offers customization options so you can put your logo prominently on display.

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