Commercial Fleet Wraps: A Unique Way To Promote Your Business

Commercial Fleet Wraps: A Unique Way To Promote Your Business
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If you are looking to spread brand awareness in your community at lightning speed, you need to strongly consider fleet wraps. A vehicle wrap can make up over 30,000 impressions a day! Now imagine how many more impressions you can make by multiplying the number of vehicles advertising your business. The choice is clear; the data is in, and we know how effective custom fleet graphics are.

If you want to put your company on the fast track toward success and work with a fleet wrap company in Panama City Beach, FL, call Blue Ocean Custom Signs. We specialize in creating custom signs for businesses and coming up with unique ways to advertise your products. We have installed custom fleet wraps for companies with amazing results in the past; now see what we can do for you!

To learn more about our custom fleet wraps and how fast you can expect to see results, call us at 850-788-3200 and book a consultation today!

Do The Smart Thing: Invest in Fleet Wraps

Companies that advertise with their company vehicles are accomplishing two things at once. The person inside driving to the job site is collecting a paycheck, so why not make the most of their time and have them act as a mobile advertiser for your business while they are on the road?

Not only do they spread awareness of your business quickly, but your employees look more professional when they show up to a job in a custom-wrapped vehicle. This instills company pride into your employees and helps people who have just used your services remember your names.

If that isn’t enough, fleet wraps can increase the resale value of your vehicle. How? Because vehicle wraps act as a protective shell while in your car. Any scratches or abrasions that could ruin the paint job on your vehicle are absorbed by the fleet wrap!

Other Options

As a fleet graphics company, we understand that a complete fleet wrap isn’t for everyone. That is why we offer other budget-friendly options that can give you advertising on wheels at a bargain, including partial fleet wraps, vehicle decals and graphics, and vehicle lettering.

We can even cover your windows with perforated graphics! These are quite the illusion and are sure to capture attention, all while being 100% safe because they allow one-way visibility and will not obstruct your view of the road.

Another option that works perfectly for someone who doesn’t want to commit to permanent vehicle graphics is a vehicle magnet. Try them on different spots of your vehicle and take them off your car when going to more formal events.

Start Expanding Your Business Today

It is no secret that vehicle wraps are a guaranteed way to make more impressions and reach a wider audience in Panama City Beach, FL. Start connecting with people that have never heard of your business before. Ready to get started? Contact us today and talk to one of our staff about fleet wraps for your company.