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Looking for a fool-proof way for your business to get noticed? Pylon signs, sometimes called highway signs or road signs, are made to grab passersby’s attention because of their size and placement.

Pylon signs, by design, tower over other establishments and signs surrounding your establishment. Their height helps people to notice them even from long distances. When done right, these signs can introduce your brand to more people and encourage potential customers to check out your products and services themselves.

Stop searching for Pylon Signs Near Me, Blue Ocean Custom Signs is a full-service signage company based in Panama City Beach. We specialize in supplying top-of-the-line custom pylon signs for businesses within and nearby Panama City Beach. Our goal is to become your long-term signage partner, which is why we always go above and beyond with every project we handle.

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Illuminated Sign Boxes

If you want round-the-clock advertising, investing in illuminated sign boxes is the way to go. Blue Ocean Custom Signs will help you get 24/7 visibility through our fully customizable signs. We can produce the steel cabinets in whatever shape or size you want.

Choose between permanent channel letters or interchangeable sign faces. For best results during late hours and heavy rain or snow, we recommend multi-layered signs with LED.

Another significant advantage of having illuminated signs is that people are naturally drawn to them. This means that there’s a bigger chance for your establishment to stand out from neighboring competitors and enticing customers to enter your store, shop, or facility. More foot traffic means more opportunities to close a sale.

Pylon Signs, Panama City Beach, FL

Affordable Tenant Signs

If your business is not open during the night, you can opt for a more budget-friendly, non-illuminated pylon sign instead. With these, you can boost brand visibility and exposure for a smaller price. Despite being an affordable option, these signs are still useful in piquing your target market’s interest and becoming a familiar landmark in the area.

Stop Searching Pylon signs near me contact Blue Ocean Custom Signs, we never shortchange our clients, which is why we still utilize the same quality of materials and technology used in our other signs. Of course, you will get the same level of customer service as other clients who opted for the more expensive pylon sign option.

Weather-proof Outdoor Signage

Blue Ocean Custom Signs manufactures full-color, aluminum-sided, and steel-framed custom pylon signs that are weather-resistant and fade-resistant, making them a fantastic investment for your business. These are mounted in either one or multiple steel poles to provide support. For cabinets, you can choose among aluminum extrusions, steel, aluminum tubing, and more. Many entrepreneurs’ top choices are polycarbonate, vinyl, acrylic, and channel letters for sign faces. Do you want to invest in water-resistant pole signs? Our Panama City Beach team can make that happen, as well!

Full-service Signage Company

Blue Ocean Custom Signs is your one-stop-shop for all your signage needs. No need to coordinate with several signage professionals; our team can do it all. We provide exceptional consultation, design, fabrication, and installation services.

We offer post-installation cleanup, repair, and maintenance work as well. We always ensure that you are fully satisfied with our work. As part of our commitment to you, all materials and equipment used in manufacturing your custom pylon signs are of premium quality.

Free Pylon Signs Consultation in Panama City Beach,FL

As your trusted Panama City Beach sign company, we will help you choose the best design and signage elements that will fit your needs. Whether you have a concise signage type you want us to produce or have absolutely zero knowledge of your company needs, Blue Ocean Custom Signs is here to help.

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frequently asked questions

The name “pylon sign” comes from the Greek word “pulon,” which means “gateway” or “portal.” Pylon signs are often used as gateway signs to mark the entrance to a business, shopping center, or other types of development.

The term “pylon” has also been used historically to describe tall, vertical structures used to support electrical power lines, antennas, or other types of infrastructure. The similarity in shape between these types of facilities and the vertical supports of pylon signs may have also contributed to using the term “pylon” to describe this type of sign.

Pylon signs are typically custom-made to fit each project’s specific needs and requirements. The exact process for making a pylon sign can vary depending on factors such as the size of the sign, the materials used, and the sign’s design.

Pylon and monument signs are popular options for businesses looking to create a prominent, freestanding sign. While both types of signs can be effective, some key differences may make one type more suitable for a particular business or location. Here are some benefits of pylon signs vs. monument signs:
Benefits of Pylon Signs:

  1. Increased visibility
  2. More signage space
  3. Flexibility
  4. Cost-effective

Benefits of Monument Signs:

  1. Aesthetically pleasing
  2. Durability
  3. Better for walking traffic
  4. Great long term brand exposure

A pylon sign is a freestanding sign supported by one or two poles. They are typically constructed with an aluminum or steel frame and a rigid or flexible face. These can show your message on one or both sides.

Pylon signs are a popular choice for gas stations, restaurants, retail malls, and other businesses near major highways. Pylon signs are popular among these businesses since they are taller than most other types of signage.

There are many types of pylon signs, each with its own unique design and features. Here are some of the most common types of pylon signs:

  • Single-sided pylon sign
  • Double-sided pylon sign
  • Multi-tenant pylon sign
  • Illuminated pylon sign
  • Digital pylon sign
  • Custom-shaped pylon sign

Overall, the type of pylon sign chosen will depend on the specific needs and goals of the business or organization. Working with a professional sign designer or manufacturer can help ensure that the correct type of pylon sign is chosen to achieve the sign’s desired look, functionality, and effectiveness.

A pylon sign and a pole sign are two different types of freestanding signs, although they share some similarities in their function and design. Pylon signs are typically designed with a larger, more complex structure incorporating multiple panels or faces. They may include additional features like lighting, digital displays, or custom shapes. On the other hand, pole signs typically feature a more straightforward design with a single sign face or panel mounted on a single pole.

While pylon and pole signs share some similarities, they differ. Both tower and pole signs are freestanding signs mounted on a single post or pole, but their design and function are the main differences.

Pylon signs are typically taller and more extensive than pole signs and are designed to be visible from a greater distance. They may also feature multiple panels or faces, custom shapes, and additional features like lighting or digital displays. Pylon signs are often used in more significant commercial developments or along highways to advertise multiple businesses or to create a distinctive landmark for a single company.

The height of pylon signs can vary widely depending on the specific needs and requirements of the business or property. Generally speaking, pylon signs are designed to be taller than other signages to increase visibility and attract attention from a greater distance.

In some cases, pylon signs can be as tall as 100 feet or more, particularly if they are located along highways or in significant commercial developments that need to be visible from a great distance. However, pylon signs can also be much shorter depending on the size of the property or the desired aesthetic or branding of the signage.

Blue Ocean Custom Signs is a Panama City Beach-based full-service signage firm. We specialize in providing high-quality custom pylon signs to companies in and around Panama City Beach. Because we aim to become your long-term signage partner, we go above and above with every project we do.