How to Use Channel Letters Effectively in Your Business?

How to Use Channel Letters Effectively in Your Business
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Channel letters are fantastic storefront signs that attract attention from a distance. But you can use them for more than that. You can use them indoors, on top of monument signs, or even on top of a pylon sign. Adding a dimensional effect to any sign is guaranteed to make it stand out from far away.

When you think of signage experts in Panama City Beach, FL, there is one name that comes to mind; a name that many businesses and industry leaders turn to: Blue Ocean Custom Signs. We pride ourselves on our professional customer service, but more than that, it is our innovative way of looking at signage that improves marketing campaigns that business owners love.

To learn more about channel letter signs in Panama City Beach, FL, book a consultation with us!

Discover the Power of Illuminated Channel Letters

There are many benefits to using illuminated dimensional signage, as long as you use it correctly. Here is how to make the most out of your channel letter sign:

Illuminated Signage Is a Must for Late-Night presence

When you think about the purpose of signs or any advertising, the entire point is for your message to be read and understood. So how can anyone read your message if they can not see your sign? This is why illuminated channel letter signs can have such a big impact on late-night businesses that thrive on pulling in customers after dark.

If storefront channel letters aren’t for you, we offer a variety of other LED storefront signs and digital options, all of which we can customize personally for your business.

Placement Is Everything

With all signage, placement is crucial. The storefront sign is typically the first sign people see before entering your business, and it should be a representation of everything your business encompasses. Choosing a bold, powerful 3D channel letter sign to represent your business is a winning idea.

But dimensional letters are not limited to outdoors only. 3D letters in your lobby can be the perfect way to greet guests.

Quality Over Time

Let’s face it: you do not want to spend more money than you have to. And as a smart investor, you know that to get your money’s worth out of a signage investment, the sign has to last for years. And it has to look good while doing it. Faded and chipped signs do not do your business any justice, and in fact, will turn people off. When you choose well-built channel letters manufactured and designed by an experienced crew that uses quality parts, you know your business will look magnificent for years to come.

Call Blue Ocean Custom Sign to Book a Consultation

If you are intrigued by the idea of having a channel letter sign for your business, contact us to book a no-pressure consultation today.

We’ll be sure to walk you through our entire process that way you can get a good understanding of how we work. The consultation is also a great way for us to learn more about your business and needs. Contact us today so we can help you achieve your business goals!