Optimizing Your Marketing Strategy with Digital Pylon Signs

Optimizing Your Marketing Strategy with Digital Pylon Signs
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Standing out in today’s competitive commercial market is challenging. In the past, billboards and any other larger-than-life signage were sought after because, simply put, they were hard to miss. Pylon signs have been used effectively by businesses for years to extend visibility from great distances. But, you can take your advertising one step further and add a modern touch that will get your business optimal visibility and an opportunity to connect more personally with potential customers. How?

By using a digital pylon sign!

Digital signage is the wave of the future, and it is easy to understand why businesses are incorporating more technical elements into their advertising. Digital pylon signs are a way of capitalizing on signage that can be seen from a distance but with an added electronic element.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of using digital signage in your business, contact us to book a consultation. We are Blue Ocean Custom Signs and we serve Panama City Beach, FL, and the surrounding area, with an emphasis on creating signs customized for different business needs.

Reasons to Consider A Digital Pylon Sign for Your Business

If you want to improve engagement with your customers, there are many ways a digital pylon sign can assist you in achieving this goal. With one outside your store, your business will benefit from the following advantages:

Better Visibility

A lot of pylon signs have an electrical lighting system, but a digital pylon sign is even more effective because the entire face of your sign lights up. Plus, the movement in your message or video is more dynamic and easily captures the attention of passersby. With all the extra attention your sign will receive, establishing and enforcing your brand identity has never been so effortless.

Remote Monitoring and Controls

Change your sign as you please with remote monitoring and controls, and see what message piques customers’ interest. You can conduct your own A/B marketing, a strategy where you test one message and then test another to compare how many customers you can attract. With remote monitoring, users can track the status of content displays and make adjustments without being present at the location of their sign. This is an ideal option for busy business owners who need flexibility to program their digital displays.

User-Friendly Software

Thanks to modern advances in technology, it is easier now than ever to master the software necessary to create content. With a few clicks on your remote control, you can change your message at will. Digital pylon signs also use content management systems which can help you in scheduling your content. They can also be equipped with drag-and-drop interfaces and templates to make content creation a breeze.

Display Videos and Moving Pictures

As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is why the design you use in your branding is so important in building recognition for your business. With pleasing designs and pictures integrated into your signage, you will naturally attract more people because of the captivating imagery.

With a digital pylon sign, you can take it one step further and incorporate videos and moving pictures into your signage. Display your products, unique graphics, or animation – the choice is up to you. Whatever you choose, these images will attract attention and showcase your business. Your signage can turn into a compelling commercial that advertises your offerings and draws in customers from high-traffic areas.

24/7 Advertising

With a large, towering pylon sign, you can enjoy 24/7 advertising. Enhanced visibility ensures your message is seen at night or in harsh weather conditions. Additionally, your sign can still draw attention and create interest in potential customers outside of your operating hours.

Targeted Messages and Personalization

Digital signage allows you to change your message to relate to your target audience. If you have upcoming sales, let the community know. You can also create messages that relate to things happening in the neighborhood, which can create a positive rapport with your local market. People will build a deeper bond with your business, knowing you are invested in community affairs.

Weather Responsive Message

Digital signage allows you to create weather-responsive content. For example, if it is a hot day, let your customers know you have something that can cool them off. You can also give updates on the weather as a courtesy to anyone who sees your sign, letting the people in your community know about an upcoming storm or heat wave.

Interactive Elements

Using QR codes in your signage can help you make sales without people entering your business. A QR code can lead to your website, where you can offer promo codes or updates about upcoming sales. Providing QR codes in your message encourages people to use their smartphones and improves engagement, bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

Modern Signage Gives Your Business a Contemporary Look

The market landscape changes fast, and by keeping up with the times, you show your customers that your business is thriving. Using any type of digital signage can give you a modern look, but digital pylon signs position your company on the cutting edge of technology since exterior signs are often the first signs people see when passing your business. They make a strong first impression and show that you are evolving with the times.

Join The Signage Revolution

If you are ready for an upgrade and want to join the digital signage revolution, give us a call. We would be happy to schedule you for a consultation. During that time, we can go into further detail about what you can accomplish with a digital pylon sign, as well as our installation and manufacturing process. Once you finalize your project, your business will become part of the modern era of enhanced digital marketing.

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