Storefront Signs: Types You Should Choose

Mattress Firm Channel Letter Storefront Sign by Blue Ocean Custom Signs in Panama City Beach, FL
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Are you looking for an effective way to grab people’s attention? Do you need storefront business signs that make a positive first impression? Then turn to Blue Ocean Custom Signs. We’ll design and install the perfect piece of signage that takes your business to the next level.

Not quite sure about the type of storefront sign you’d like to implement? Read on to learn about some effective types of signage that can be used to increase your customer engagement and contribute to your overall revenue.

7 Types of Effective Outdoor Storefront Signage

1. Channel letters

These are individual letters made from metal or plastic and can be illuminated from within. They’re highly customizable and very durable, which is why channel letter storefront signs are a popular choice for businesses all over.

2. Dimensional letters

Dimensional letters are similar to channel letters, but they’re not illuminated from within. They are, however, very sophisticated and modern-looking, making them a great choice for any exciting new business that is looking to make a mark.

3. Blade signs

These projecting signs are mounted perpendicular to the building and can be illuminated or not, but either way, they are very visible. They’re used in high-traffic areas so that people can get a good look, and companies can take advantage of those impressions.

4. Awning signs

These storefront signs are great for restaurants and cafes that are looking to provide some shelter from the sun, rain, or any other unwelcome weather condition! They are mounted on an awning over the storefront, giving your clients waiting in line a little bit of peace.

5. Pylon signs

These are placed near the road to attract attention from people who aren’t directed by your building and can also be illuminated if a business desires. They are one of the best ways to utilize outdoor storefront signage.

6. Electronic signs

Malls, cinemas, financial institutions, and other digital forward companies love using electronic signs to display their company name, logo, and messaging. They are highly customizable and can be changed in real-time to reflect any message that the business wants to get across.

7. Window graphics

These are great advertising tools for restaurants, bars, retail stores, or any company that wants to advertise their company hours, promotions, products, or services in an easy-to-read but creative and engaging way. Window displays are always a fantastic choice for businesses looking to engage with their customers.

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Whether you’re looking for LED storefront signs, awning signs, or interesting electronic signs, Blue Ocean Custom Signs can do it all.

Our dedicated team of experts is here to ensure that you get the visual design of your dreams. Our goal is to make the community a more beautiful place and help businesses achieve their marketing and visual goals. Contact us today to get started on your custom storefront sign.