Why You Should Choose Vinyl Lettering for Your Storefront?

Vinyl quotes on Storefront Signs, Panama City Beach, FL
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Your storefront is an important component of your brand and image; not only your customers but potential customers will see it and begin forming an idea of who you are as an organization and what that means to them. It’s important to leverage your storefront, using storefront signs to communicate with potential customers who you are, what you offer, and what it means for them. 

Choosing signage for your storefront

When you begin considering signage for your storefront, there are many things to consider. You’ll likely need storefront channel letters, an acrylic sign, or a backlit sign in addition to vinyl lettering for your entrance door and any windows that face the street or sidewalk. Any brick and mortar business with the benefit of large, customer-facing windows can leverage that opportunity to advertise using vinyl lettering. 

The benefits of vinyl lettering 

Vinyl lettering offers a wide variety of benefits when used for storefront advertising. 

It’s cost-effective: in comparison to other types of advertisement. With large, front-facing windows, you can have enormous graphics created, making a memorable impact on your target market for a fraction of the cost. 

It’s versatile: Vinyl lettering for walls and windows is 100% customizable, which means we can create it in any size, color, font, style, or graphic you choose. You can choose to cover an entire or partial window or to add letters or graphics to a window without blocking the view in or out. We can match your brand and elevate your presence in your neighborhood. 

It’s flexible: If you rebrand or move spaces, we can easily remove the previous decals without any damage to your windows or walls and then redesign and reinstall. For this reason, vinyl decals work well in leased or rented spaces. 

It’s durable: Your indoor vinyl lettering can last up to twenty years, and your outdoor vinyl lettering can last up to five years before you begin to notice wear and tear, making it a low-maintenance, long-lasting solution. 

Ideas for storefront window graphics

We’ve helped our customers leverage vinyl lettering in creative ways to bring in curious customers throughout Panama City Beach. Some of our favorite ideas include: 

  • Graphics of decadent and tempting donuts, paninis, and other food products on restaurant, cafe, and coffee shop storefronts.
  • Cheeky quotes like, “Life is short, buy the dress,” or “If you can’t stop thinking about it…buy it” on retail storefronts. 
  • Large, bold, varying fonts that call out the products or services offered in a particular store. 

To get started designing and installing your vinyl graphics, visit the experts at your storefront sign maker, Blue Ocean Custom Signs, today!